Roger Waters - Comfortably Dumb

The former Pink Floyd star put the proverbial foot in his mouth when he reached out to his fellow rockers describing Israel as an “apartheid” country that practices ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

Legendary rocker Roger Waters
Photo by: Reuters
Someone once described that initial entry into the harsh realities of adulthood as the time one first realizes that our childhood heroes are, in fact, fallible. Like a zillion other adolescents, I was star-struck by the great Mickey Mantle. Knowing that he kept playing ball (and hitting those monster home-runs) with so much pain in his body only added to the MM mystique. It was mighty tough for me to acknowledge that the Mick had a serious problem with alcoholism. I desperately clung to the notion that my heroes were supposed to be above these lowly human weaknesses.

Today’s culture is one of media created superstars, from athletes to actors to rock stars. In the ever constant and growing world of social media, we’re bombarded with their images, movements, songs, thoughts, and actions both on and off the playing field. We shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that idol worship bit the dust when a young Abraham smashed his father’s stone deities in those primitive Biblical times. It’s alive and well in today’s “enlightened” culture of the Twitter twilight zone. We even have a blockbuster show that unashamedly calls itself American Idol. We invest lots of emotional energy and money into our superstars of today. Unfortunately, like my childhood hero The Mick, all too often these idols screw up royally. Sometimes, when facing these incredibly difficult situations, the real hero emerges. It probably took more effort than playing ball with all that pain, but Mantle did overcome his alcoholism and eventually made peace with his family and fans.

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