Gnawa grooves and more

The Tel Aviv Jazz Festival kicks off on Wednesday.

December 1, 2016 15:08
Joshua Abrams

Joshua Abrams demonstrates why he is considered one of the leading bass players globally. (photo credit: PIOTR-LEWANDOWSKI)

Joshua Abrams has been dipping into the seemingly bottomless font of sounds and rhythms emanating from Mother Africa for some time now. As he is a jazz musician, that makes perfect sense. The Chicago-based artist established himself as one of the most inventive acoustic bass players on the global scene, but then expanded his instrumental arsenal by adding the gimbri, a three-stringed, skin-covered, bass lute used by the Gnawa people of West Africa.

Next week, Abrams will bring both his instruments to this part of the world, when he participates in this year’s Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, which will be based at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque from December 7 to 9, with additional gigs by offshore stars also taking place at the various branches of the Zappa Club up and down the country.


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