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Sigalit Landau’s ‘Salted Lake’ video work ‘touches upon collective memory and pain.’

A frame in time

It seemed like an impossible task.

‘Dwellings’ offers a visual exploration of home and acceptance.

City notes: Giving thanks

From environmental and transportation reforms in the North to deep, imaginative art in the Center to good ol’ turkey dinners in the South, there is plenty be thankful for this week.

Quick and easy transfers: Joseph Sokol (left) and Meir Leff.

Living on dollars in Israel

Many transactions require pricey international wire fees, making transferring and converting amounts under $10,000 financially inefficient.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
Rifka Lebowitz's new book (top) targets English speakers coming to Israel who don’t understand the n

Living financially smarter in Israel

The book covers topics such as bank transfers, children’s accounts, the Post Office Bank, foreign currency exchanges, getting a loan in Israel, how Israeli credit cards work and much more.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
The frst secret of pita/lafa baking is a very hot  oven and a very short bake

Pita perfect

Why is it then that most home bakers find it hardest to duplicate these famous, staple breads in their own kitchen?

A delightful early spring addition to the garden’s polychromic floral splendor

The natural way

The monochromic drawings are a wonder to behold and suggest some hidden paradise betwixt rich foliage and blissfully wayward vegetation.

‘Schreber,’ written and directed by Ran Bechor, tells the  chilling story of a 19th-century German j

Staging Israel

The showcase organizers have cast their theatrical and thematic nets far and wide, and the visitors from abroad.

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski

Standing at the Crossroads

A Jerusalem-based NGO works to help at-risk teens find their way.

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