The ecological haredi

February 10, 2017 15:53

Leshomra teaches ultra-Orthodox communities to connect with nature


Leshomra CEO Avishai Himelfarb leads an educational farm tour for Beis Yaakov high-school girls. (photo credit: LESHOMRA)

Generations of haredi children have grown up in cityscapes of concrete and asphalt, where the only green, growing things are a few hardy weeds in the barren spaces between apartment buildings.

Haredi eco-activist Avishai Himelfarb considers it a historical accident that should be corrected. In 2015 he established Leshomra, an environmental education center that has planted green studies in the haredi school system for the very first time. Leshomra programs have brought over 10,000 Israeli children to experience nature in 85 kindergartens and schools, according to the nonprofit.


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