Fatah vehemently attacked Hamas for "offering Gazans nothing but war" following the death of seven Hamas fighters who were killed when a tunnel they were working to rebuild collapsed in Gaza on Wednesday.

In a furious post written on its Facebook page on Thursday, Fatah claimed that the social media campaign that praises Hamas fighters who died in the incident as "tunnel fighters" is lead by a group of "war merchants who know nothing but burying their young people in ashes."

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Fatah asks: "When will these people understand that they are ruining the dreams of oppressed Gazans? And when will they understand that the sacrifice of our children in any future war with Israel will never change the reality, besides adding more names to the list of martyrs."

The seven members of Hamas’ military wing were killed on Wednesday while in the midst of reconstructing an attack tunnel that was destroyed by the IDF during Operation Protective Edge in August 2014.

Fatah's accusations against Hamas come shortly before reconciliation talks between the parties are set to begin in Doha next week.  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to meet the head of Hamas' political bureau, Khaled Mashaal.




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