Jordanian Waqf Minister Hail Daoud denied Israeli reports on Tuesday about progress in Israeli-Jordanian negotiations over surveillance cameras on the Temple Mount, claiming that such negotiations have never taken place.

In an interview with Jordanian newspaper Ad-Dustour, Hail said that reports about Israeli-Jordanian negotiations lack any credibility, stating that "there are no negotiations between us and the Israelis over this issue."

"Jordan will still have authorities related to the installation of surveillance cameras, their transmissions and the inspections on them, owing to its special role as al-Aksa’s defender," he added.

Hail emphasized that Jordan, and not Israel, had demanded to install surveillance cameras on Temple Mount under Jordanian inspection in order to defend al-Aksa and document Israeli infringements on religious rights.

On Monday, Ha’aretz reported about progress made in Israeli-Jordanian negotiations over surveillance cameras on Temple Mount. According to the report, Jordan and Israel agreed on installing cameras in large plazas and in a few other locations on the Temple Mount, but not inside the mosques as Israel demanded.