The closing ceremonies of Holocaust Remembrance Day took place Monday night at the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum, located at Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot in the Galilee.

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In the ceremony titled "They Light the Way for Humankind," several high-ranking Israeli officials were in attendance, including Finance Minister Yair Lapid, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz. During the memorial, survivors were invited up to the stage, telling their stories of survival and lighting memorial torches.

Founded by Holocaust survivors in 1949, the Ghetto Fighters’ House bills itself as “the first Holocaust museum in the world” in order to provide visitors “a unique experience, going beyond the grief and horror in order to make evident Antek Zukerman’s declaration in the first National Gathering for Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day that took place on the Ghetto Fighters’ Kibbutz: ‘We came here to build homes filled with life.’” 

Speaking at the ceremony was Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz, who is the son of a holocaust survivor, who said that the Israel Defense Forces draws its strength from the people it protects, such as holocaust survivors. "The dreams [of Holocaust survivors for a better world following World War II) are the same dreams and values of the officers and soldiers of the IDF today," he said

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