(1) Housing

• Long-term increase in housing supply

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• Development of housing for long-term rent, particularly in central Israel

• Temporary solutions for affordable housing for struggling families, including more aid for those eligible for public housing

(2) Competition and cost of living

•Structural changes to the laws regulating the Antitrust Authority

• Removal of import duties and lowering of purchase taxes

(3) Social services

• Expansion of institutional involvement in education for ages 0-3, compulsory education for ages 3-4 and deployment of after-hours school care for ages 3-9

• Increase in public transport accessibility

• Removal of labor force barriers to Arab women and haredi men


• Cancellation of direct tax reductions

• Creation of new top tax bracket of 48%

• Increase of capital-gains tax to 25% • Increase of company tax to 25%

• Cancellation of gasoline excise hike