The Southern District police completed a cross-border rescue mission to bring back two girls who were taken by their father to Thailand over a month ago. In a joint mission by national and local police units, the girls were safely returned home last Friday, it was revealed Sunday afternoon.

On April 27th, the girls were not returned to their mother on time, whereupon she alerted the police. Upon investigation, they learned the father had taken the girls out of the country and flown to Greece. From there they boarded a flight to Turkey - then Russia - until they finally reached Thailand.

Israeli police forces worked with the Israeli police representative in Thailand to come up with a plan to rescue the three year old and her five-year-old sister from their father, after concern for their health became a pressing matter. The father was arrested on Friday for staying in the country illegally, and at the same time the mother flew out to Thailand to take hold of the children while he was in custody. 

Within hours, she was on a plane back to Israel with her two daughters.

Yoram Halevi, Southern District chief said the story had all the elements of a Hollywood action thriller, except  that it was a real-life event, in which the lives of these girls were in real danger.