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Viewpoints: Beauty

August 22, 2012 22:57

'Beauty is a story, a story of truth that strikes directly into your soul, plays with the fragile feelings deep inside, and leaves fingerprints on your heart. Beauty is you.'


EHAB ABOU HOUSIEN Heashot 150. (photo credit:EHAB ABOU HOUSIEN)

Beauty is a story, a story of truth that strikes directly into your soul, plays with the fragile feelings deep inside, and leaves fingerprints on your heart. Beauty is you.

We as children grow up into a reality that we did not choose for ourselves. Instincts dominate our behavior, our main focus is on survival and becoming bigger physically and mentally. Our minds start shaping and absorbing the environment, like a sponge that has has been dried out in a hot summer day.

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Lets face it our perception of the environment is not used to difference and uniqueness. Children will laugh if they see a boy or girl who looks a little different from them; they get an ecstasy out of it and a circle of forbidden pleasures evolve, until at some point they drop it. The point is that the circle keeps on growing bigger and bigger along with the same unique (beautiful) person.

BEAUTY LIES within a moment when that person opens his eyes to reality, a new one, and starts absorbing back all those memories of his past, combining them with the essence of the moment and projecting it to the future. It's the confidence to face the world with those forces that has been given to him by the world itself.

A Divine moment of truth and clear connection of the people with the universe’s energies is beauty. All my photographic work evolves around me trying to understand what beauty is, perceive it, and then project it back to the world.

It sums up with dropping all masks and facing reality STRIPPED.

This is the part where we all meet, we all relate to and we all speak of it. It has lots of names; simple and complicated ones. equilibrium, peace, stardom, success, positiveness and a lot more it is beauty. its an obsession of people since the dawn of ages. To enter this real, yet imaginable world, where you feel it but can not perceive and then you transfer it to others around you. The essence of it is being real yet euphoric about this process. In this series of pictures i tried to strip down all the masks that we as humans tend to wear. Its you who matters and the inner side of you is the capturer of your soul, simple frames with windows into the souls of those people who agreed to be part of this experience.

Those people are real personalities that i know in my everyday life and I have a connection with most of them on a daily basis. The process that they experiences with their pictures being taken made a bond on a level that was much stronger because the bond was on a level that they and I have.

Special thanks to all the models who participated on this experience and agreed to work in a project like this.

The writer is a photographer who lives in Haifa and loves to explore the cityscape via photography.

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