Jerusalem Post's talented team of journalists provides insight into their work presented in the opinion section. This section highlights the beliefs and values that experienced writers who are witnessing the Middle East turmoil unfold. Their first hand encounters with world leaders have shaped their opinions and world views to be shared on this page.

Rosh Hashanah: Does God even listen to our prayers? - opinion

I have two responses to this quandary that grant me enough peace of mind to keep on praying, despite the absence of a voice from beyond.

The world’s attention may be flagging, but Ukraine’s Jews still need our help - opinion

The vast majority of the country’s estimated 200,000 Jews have remained in the country.


Ashkenazi vs Sephardi absurdity

More than seven decades may have passed since the establishment of the state, but it seems that some still believe political profit can be made by labeling an opponent as Ashkenazi or Sephardi.

Rosh Hashanah: Revisiting my past New Year's predictions - opinion

As I dove deep into my formative years, I was surprised by how prescient we were (at times) and how off base we were (most of the time).


MEPPA: How a US law disrupts the violent Israeli-Palestinian status quo - opinion

A growing ecosystem of peace-building NGOs is strengthening the relationships and attitudes that the next generation of Israelis and Palestinians will need if they’re ever to exit this tragedy.


Bedouin 'warlords,' 'gangs' rule over Jews in Israel's South - opinion

The government of Israel is a weak and subservient actor in the face of wealthy and violent Bedouin clans and well-entrenched mafia-style gangs.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.

Why is everyone opposing Lapid's two-state solution speech? - editorial

A two-state solution, which continues to be the preferred resolution to our struggles here, is very far off and impossible to implement today. Lapid is simply stating the obvious.

Rosh Hashanah: What image best embodies the past Jewish year? - opinion

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed's trip was something that Israelis had never seen before. I would go as far as saying that it was the most important diplomatic visit to Israel in the past Jewish year.


The slaughter of Shulamit Ovadia and the myth of ‘lone wolf’ terrorism - opinion

Israeli security officials, politicians need to realize: There is no such thing as a “lone wolf” terrorist. It’s not TikTok and Twitter that breed and cultivate such monsters; it’s the PA.

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