Jerusalem Post's talented team of journalists provides insight into their work presented in the opinion section. This section highlights the beliefs and values that experienced writers who are witnessing the Middle East turmoil unfold. Their first hand encounters with world leaders have shaped their opinions and world views to be shared on this page.

Tisha Be'Av with members of the US House of Representatives - opinion

The conversation had gone to places I never expected. And we pledged to speak again sometime soon.


Social media is harming you - opinion

Do you feel better after you use social media? I’m guessing most honest people would say no.

Temple Mount prayer does not belong solely to right-wingers - opinion

I recalled Uri Zvi Greenberg’s chilling poem after the 1948 Independence War, lamenting what this miraculous new state would be missing. “Israel without that mount,” Greenberg said, “is not Israel."


The unsung heroes of Breaking Dawn - editorial

Do the politicians feel no shame that the residents of the South are exposed to danger because of their egos and pettiness?

Am I my teacher's keeper? Reclaiming the status of Israel's educators - opinion

The education system is now in a state of uncertainty due to the teacher shortage and the reform, which will, undoubtedly, shake up the system at all levels. How can we keep teachers in the system?


Can we shift antisemitism to our benefit ? - opinion

According to Jewish belief, the second Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred and divisions within the nation, Does that mean we are at fault for our own destruction?

Heimishe cell phone

High Court snuffs out hope for tech-savvy haredim - opinion

It is true that joining the kosher tier is voluntary, and no one forces the ultra-Orthodox to be ultra-Orthodox. But this is essentially a "no-choice" game.

Iraq's Sadr remains a force to be reckoned with - opinion

Sixty protesters were injured in clashes with security forces. Three days earlier a mass protest outside parliament by Sadr supporters ended only after Sadr tweeted a request to them to disperse.

Pressuring the Saudis for payback should not be hard - opinion

The president was right to travel to Saudi Arabia and I wish him success with future engagements, but the US should not have to ask twice.

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