Rom Com about Jerusalem opens Israeli film festival in the Netherlands

Paris Boutique inaugurates SERET Film Festival in the Netherlands.

 Fentay Alamu with actress Nelly Tagar  (photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Netherlands)
Fentay Alamu with actress Nelly Tagar
(photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Netherlands)

A romantic comedy about Jerusalem opened the Seret Film Festival in the Netherlands in November.

“Paris Boutique” directed by Marco Carmel tells the story of two women named Louise, a Jewish lawyer from Paris and a Jerusalem cab driver. Together, they discover a secret connection between an ultra-Orthodox woman and a Christian man who communicate through notes hidden in the Western Wall.

The lead actress Nelly Tagar attended the opening night in Amsterdam. A stand-up comedian, Tagar created an unforgettable evening with her humor, laughter and ability to interact with the audience. 

Established in the UK in 2012, Seret International has since been expanded with editions in several countries including Germany, Argentina and Chile, bringing the best of Israeli feature films, documentaries, shorts and TV to an international audience.

The directors of the festival Odelia Haroush and Patty Hochmann work with the support of local Israeli embassies and sponsors to bring Israel's top actors, directors, and filmmakers to the events.

During the opening night of Seret Netherlands, the Cultural Attaché at the Israeli Embassy Fentay Alamu emphasized the importance of presenting contemporary Israel to the audience in the Netherlands through television and cinema.

The festival was held in a hybrid form, offering movies in two cities - Amsterdam (Rialto De Pijp and Rialto Vu) and Amstelveen (Cinema Amstelveen) - as well as online.

Credit - Embassy of Israel in Netherlands Credit - Embassy of Israel in Netherlands

The event featured twelve movies and a selection of short films by young Israeli film students from various schools, who won the Seret’s Promising Director Awards.

Among the movies screened was Greener Pasture, focused on the story of 75-year-old widower Dov. Living in a nursing home, Dov dreams of buying back his old house. When he realizes that everyone in the nursing home consumes state-sponsored medical cannabis, he finds his way out, by selling the cannabis he gets from the other tenants. Directors Asaf Abiri and Matan Guggenheim attended the screening.

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