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Global warming is endangering wheat - study

Ben-Gurion University plant biologists are working to defend wild wheat from hungry insects without pesticides by breeding protection back into cultivated wheat.

Why is there less lightning over sea than land? Ocean spray

Hebrew University researchers discover why there’s less lightning in storms over oceans than on land: Coarse sea spray keeps lightning strikes away.

New phase of matter could protect quantum computers against errors

The researchers still need to find a way to integrate the phase with the computational side of quantum computing.


DNA helps scientists engineer structures at the molecular level

The new research could open the door to revolutionary breakthroughs in faster and more energy efficient technologies.

Gigantic supercharged lightning bolt jets mapped for first time - study

Researchers created a three-dimensional map of the Oklahoma jet, the most powerful gigantic jet studied yet, with 100 times more electrical charge than a regular lightning bolt.

These gestures give Zoom users more positive experiences - study

A certain set of gestures called Video Meeting Signals (VMS) can improve user experience in the video conference platform Zoom, according to a new study.

Do winners cheat more than losers? - study

A new study concluded that people who have a strong sense of fairness cheat less, irrespective of whether they have won or lost.

Scientists fear telescope may be damaged by Halley's Comet - report

Although the telescope is not expected to collide with the comet, scientists are researching solutions to mitigate the potential damage caused by dust and other particles in its trail.

Scientists Revive Cells in Dead Pigs’ Organs - study

Scientists conducted a study that revives cells in dead pigs' organs within an hour of their death.

Israeli researchers develop framework to compare subjective experiences - study

The process of transferring attributes of the physical world to the individual experience is highly difficult to map because we do not have objective criteria for the subjective experience.

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