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The 10 things we all have at home that are making us sick

These are objects that 70 percent of people do not clean enough, which makes them breeding grounds for bacteria.


MDA partners with Hatzolah Air for Israeli Medevac helicopters

Hatzolah Air and MDA have worked together on Medevac before and have helped bring Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion to Israel.

Israeli cancer rates: How morbidity, mortality trends differ in cities - study

Examining data between 2014 and 2018, this report looked at Israeli cancer rates from three distinct perspectives – the national level, by gender and by geographic area.

A quiet office can be bad for employee mental health - study

Why do people like to concentrate and work in coffee shops? Noise. The key to healthier employees could be a quieter – or louder – office space.

Has the time come to give up on gel manicures?

Recently, it was revealed that devices for drying gel polish can change one's DNA. How much should you worry, and is there a safe manicure technique?

By Walla!

Can being surrounded by violence lower your life expectancy? - study

This information is particularly poignant for those living in Israel, as the country is often marked with violent outbreaks.

This Scottish company makes skincare products derived from whiskey

This is believed to be the first time a whiskey byproduct has been used “to investigate the antioxidant capacity on cells,” according to Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Second marriages and blended families: Navigating the complexities of caregiving

Research suggests that the quality of family relationships trumps blood ties in caregiving scenarios.


Change of strategy is needed to combat cancer - opinion

Cancer continues to be the number one or two killer in most industrialized nations. Here in Israel, it is the leading killer and in the United States it is number two behind heart disease.


Don't be fooled: 5 facts about the truth behind vaping

How safe is vaping, and do the claims made by those marketing these devices hold up under scientific scrutiny? Here are the facts.

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