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Does your dog have stinky breath? Then you need this trick

Not only can doing this get rid of your dog's bad breath, it can prevent potentially fatal diseases.

New Tinder feature raises red flag: 'Profit above women and girls’ safety'

The new feature will cost users nearly £5,000 annually, with some claiming that it will only attract "super wealthy or pathological stalker types."

Playing tetris may prevent post-partum PTSD - study

Who would have dreamed that playing Tetris for fifteen minutes can prevent psychological trauma in mothers after a difficult birth?

92-year-old goes on first date in 25 years: Disappointment

A grandmother in her 90s shared the story of her first date in 25 years on TikTok.


Feeling stress? It could seriously harm your health

What we learn from the scientific community is that the way we manage our stress levels plays a vital role in our health.

Perplexing puzzle: Solve the riddle by moving just one match

Can you spot the error in the picture and fix it by shifting only one match?


Deadly parasite can spread this rare disease in our non-immune cells

If left untreated, 95% of cases of this parasitic disease can be fatal.

What postpartum depression medications can you take while breastfeeding?

Discover safe medications for breastfeeding women dealing with postpartum depression. Don't let fear hold you back from seeking help.


Israeli infected with Dengue fever after trip abroad

The Dengue virus is spread through the bite of female Asian tiger mosquitos. The virus does not spread directly between humans.

Brain challenge: Solve this equation by moving just one match

Test your skills in this viral TikTok challenge by correcting an equation with just one match.

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