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Bird flu outbreak reported in central Israel

Last week, two outbreaks of H5N1 avian influenza were reported in Israel.


Burning oil, eating donuts, lighting candles: How to stay safe this Hanukkah

Every year, Israelis buy over 30 million sufganiyot during the festival.

Newly discovered autoimmune disorder disrupts tooth enamel development

Celiac disease in children might be associated with sensitivity to a protein abundant in dairy products.

Spouses of reserve soldiers suffer from depression

A large number of Israelis at home while their spouses are on reserve duty in the Gaza war are suffering from anxiety, guilt, depression, and traumatic symptoms.

Israel to be hit by tsunami of depression in wake of Hamas massacre

The October 7 massacre may lead to a scale of post-trauma like Israel has never before experienced. Here is how we can prepare for it.


10 ways to reduce your cancer risk by up to 30%

Discover the surprising lifestyle choices that can lower your risk of cancer.


Planned Parenthood condemns rape by Hamas on Oct. 7

“On October 7, Hamas unleashed a brutal attack in Israel,” the statement reads, “killing over one thousand civilians, sexually assaulting women and girls, and kidnapping over 200 people."

Freed Gaza hostage kids make TikToks: Are they healing or in distress?

Concerns arise over TikTok videos by children and teenager hostages who were freed from Gaza. Are they enjoying themselves, or is this an attempt at coping with distress?


Israel's FIZE Medical donates advanced kidney devices to Soroka

FIZE’s patented kidney monitoring system provides minute-by-minute digital UO monitoring, with resolution accuracy down to the microliter for ICU patients of all ages.

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