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These are the healthiest snacks you can eat

Snacks can help maintain stable energy levels and satiety throughout the day, and even help you lose weight. Here are some healthy options.

By Gil Avidor-Aloni/Walla!

Rescue efforts from overseas brings stem cells to COVID patient in Israel

This would not have been possible without the help of many Jewish community members who banded together to help someone whom they had never met.

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine only partially protects against Omicron - study

According to the manuscript, they observed a 41-fold decline in levels of neutralizing antibodies against the Omicron variant.


Flu, flu, go away: Is coronavirus pushing the flu out of Israel?

As Israel enters its second COVID winter, flu morbidity remains low.

First Israeli Omicron COVID case: ‘I am still weak’

Dr. Elad Maor said he believes that the vaccine protected him from developing serious infection.

Meuhedet CEO: Pandemic allowed us to change, improve health system

While the digital transformation of the Israeli health system began ten years ago, it rapidly gained momentum and became widely accepted with the arrival of the pandemic. 

Vaccine committee recommends COVID shot for recovered kids

The Israeli government is set to continue debate on travel restrictions this week.


What is the difference between slow and fast proteins?

Protein is the key to building muscle after a workout. Here’s what you need to know about protein intake.

By Rakefet Arieli

Israel tourism minister: 'Ashamed Israel didn't develop COVID tracker'

Yoel Razvozov on closing the skies to foreigners – again. “The citizens will criticize us no matter what.”

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