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Gossip 'isn't always a bad thing,' argue US professors

Jewish law regards slandering others as a huge sin – but US professors argue that rumor mongering has its upsides, too.

Red light found to reduce blood-sugar levels - study

The study highlights the significant long-term consequences for human health, an intervention could reduce damaging fluctuations of blood glucose in the body.

Can fries be good for your health? This study reveals they can be

“This discovery represents a significant advancement in our understanding of potato development and its implications for food quality and health"

Early humans had ADHD, scientists say after making people play game online

Researchers find that ADHD is linked to our evolutionary development, likely providing early humans with an advantage in finding food.

Israeli organization building emergency medical equipment amid war escalations

Having boosted its activity amid wartime, the non-governmental organization with its 7,000 volunteers has distributed a full year’s worth of medical equipment loans within just three months.

Hands holding green organ transplant awareness ribbon (illustrative).

Campaign at municipal election sites for organ donation registration

Those who get ADI cards also have priority when receiving a donated organ if they need one, said the chairman of Israel Transplant's Steering Committee.

CMBM: The US-based NGO helping treat Israelis with PTSD

CMBM is planning a professional training program (PTP), to be followed by an advanced training program (ATP) in which it will train and certify hundreds of professionals.

PTSD patients find relief through hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment

The sharp drop in oxygen levels sparks stem cells in the brain to proliferate, and then repair the damage that had been done to the brain.


Trauma specialist Mooli Lahad aids thousands of evacuees

Mooli Lahad has pioneered a unique method that has gained international acclaim for preventing and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 


1 out of 4 Israelis used addictive substances since Oct. 7

A recent report by the Israeli Center for Addiction and Mental Health indicates that two months after the outbreak of the Swords of Iron War, 1 in 4 Israelis uses addictive substances increasingly.

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