The L-E-V dance festival in Berlin

 Promise, Ensemble tanzmainz 2021  (photo credit: ANDREAS ETTER)
Promise, Ensemble tanzmainz 2021
(photo credit: ANDREAS ETTER)

L-E-V dance company’s Sharon Eyal, and her artistic partner, Gai Bachar, performed in Berlin in the winter of 2022

Their performance was an initiative of the Berlin-based art foundation, LAS Association, with the support of the cultural department of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin.

Known for its initiatives that bring art, technology and science together, LAS Association put on a show in KRAFTWERK (formerly an East Berlin utility plant) with Eyal,currently one of the hottest choreographers on the international dance scene, and her artistic partner. Some additional shows included Eyal's most notable works of recent years: OCD love, Wet and Soul Chain.Tickets for the shows sold out quickly and the critics loved the shows.

Kristian Vistrup Madsen wrote in  a rave review in Artforum: “Without surrendering any of its technical rigor, Eyal dispossesses ballet of ornament and disavows its staple moves, her dancers instead lowering into goofy split-squats, mimicking violent cramping seizures, and arching their backs like angry felines to techno beats and tango waltzes. Moving like animals, not because animals are magnificent and other, but because we are animals, too. Seventeen dancers, in every way extraordinary, seemed to express something elemental as they took off, birdlike, in unison. In such moments, our stomachs dropped. Like Giacometti’s attenuated figures, the human body in Eyal is distilled to a kind of raw extremity. I was left with the thought that if ballet could ordinarily be understood as against nature, Eyal’s version was somehow with it.”

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