Sharon Vazanna & "Body in Dance" perform in the Czech Republic

 Sharon Vazanna & "Body in Dance" (photo credit: Milos Salek, UFFO Centre Trutnov)
Sharon Vazanna & "Body in Dance"
(photo credit: Milos Salek, UFFO Centre Trutnov)

Renowned Israeli choreographer Sharon Vazanna brought two breathtaking productions to the Trutnov Community Center stage with the assistance of the Israeli Embassy in April of this year.

Vazanna, founder of “Sharon Vazanna Body in Dance,” is an independent choreographer and dancer who has performed throughout Europe and the United States in festivals and various venues.

Since her successful studies in Rotterdam and Jerusalem, she has repeatedly collaborated with top artists from all over the world. Her work has already brought her a number of awards, the most significant from the Ministry of Culture for Artistic Dance for Young Choreographers.

Sharon Vazanna & "Body in Dance (Credit: Milos Salek, UFFO Centre Trutnov)Sharon Vazanna & "Body in Dance (Credit: Milos Salek, UFFO Centre Trutnov)

Vazanna presented the international premieres of “High” and “Good Children” in Trutnov, located in the northern area of the Czech Republic.

“Sharon’s amazing work has already been admired by audiences in the USA, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Some time ago, I was lucky enough to be in Tel Aviv, and I immediately knew that I had to bring her and her work to Czech lovers of dance and theater,” shared the director of the UFFO theater Libor Kasík, who thanked the Israeli embassy for their support in making this happen.

Those who attended both performances in Trutnov were treated to an exceptional experience featuring a close encounter with a leading representative of the Israeli dance platform, Sharon Vazanna.

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