Jerusalem Post Aliyah Portal

The Jerusalem Post, Israel's largest English-speaking media outlet, is launching an aliyah portal, to bring you all the resources you need to prepare for a move to Israel - and to be successful when you get to Israel. Enjoy the inspiration!

This oleh reenacts pilgrimage walking from Ra'anana to Jerusalem

“I was able to use my cancer challenge to enhance my physical and mental fitness and also, I hope, to help others to appreciate the power of walking and the beauty of Eretz Yisrael.”

Inter Aliyah sports club keeps Israel's immigrants in the game

The cleverly named club combines Sam Sank’s Britain-bred passion for soccer with his Zionist-bred passion for helping other émigrés find a permanent place in Israeli society.


Jewish nomad woman

LILIANA KLEINER, 69, Buenos Aires to Haifa, 1964, Sunshine Coast, BC (Canada) to Jerusalem, 2010


Israel’s Falash Mura aliyah from Ethiopia: A painful 30-year saga

How did the Falash Mura immigration become a painful and protracted saga despite multiple Israeli governments’ pledges since 1992 to resolve it?


Over 25,000 olim in 'Immigrants Come Home' operation arrived in Israel

"Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, there has been a broad national and governmental effort to rescue and absorb new immigrants," said the Aliyah and Integration Ministry.


This professor made aliyah and is shaping science in the Negev

His research group of 10–15 people is a vibrant mix of undergraduate, MSc and PhD students, and includes some qualified retiree consultants.


Love blooms in Safed between two religious olim

Sarah Gittel became inspired by Yom Tov to pick up a paintbrush, which she hadn’t done since her youth.

Major wave of North American aliyah expected summer 2022

Nefesh B’Nefesh planning first charter aliyah flight since beginning of pandemic along with 10 group aliyah flights  

This woman is one of the happiest olim in Israel - here's why

The secret to Marlene’s successful aliyah, according to Evelyn, has been “the love and acceptance of everyone around her who make her feel like such a worthwhile person."

Over 20k immigrants to Israel since Ukraine war began; almost half from Russia

The war between Russia and Ukraine is sending out refugees from both sides.


How sanctions made new Russian olim leave Israel

“Most of the people returned to Russia for some time because the decision to come to Israel was urgent and not well-prepared.”


Jerusalem couple celebrates 39 years in Israel

Jac and Diane Friedgut may share the names of Mellencamp’s fictitious lovers, but they’ve aggressively defied that fatalistic sentiment, proving that well into their 80s, life can still be a thrill.


This South African Jew made aliyah at the right time

“If I stayed, there would have been too many temptations, so we decided to come here. It has been a fantastic roller-coaster experience!”


Nefesh B’Nefesh to host annual online - ‘Mega’ Aliyah event Sunday May 15

Nefesh B’Nefesh to provide an all-encompassing slate of resources for prospective Olim across North America.

Boston family makes history as four sisters serve together as lone soldiers in IDF

According to public records, this is the first time that a family from the U.S. has four daughters serving simultaneously.

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