Environment & Climate Change

News, analysis and commentary from Israel and across the globe on Environment & climate change and its impact on weather, business, politics, rising sea levels, and the food we consume.

Israel wants to bring 'DeserTech' to United Arab Emirates

Environmental Protection Minister Silman met with her Emirati counterpart in New York.

Israel's environmental minister at UN, pledges to combat plastic pollution

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is actively exploring a range of policy measures to combat single-use plastic pollution.

Climate change kills 250,000 people every year, experts say

One in four deaths can be attributed to preventable environmental causes, according to statistics read at a meeting kicking off New York Climate Week.

Israel and US sign 5-year MOU on environmental and climate cooperation

Israel would benefit from the US's expertise in air quality, soil remediation, and emergency events. Meanwhile, Israel can share its resources in areas such as wastewater reuse and management.

Israeli scientists link dinosaur-era ocean swirls, modern climate change

Hebrew University team evaluates role of gyral circulation on temperatures in tropics, poles during the Cretaceous period.

Addis Ababa's warming may trigger year-round malaria, study warns

According to the report, the city’s extreme daily maximum temperature would increase by about 1.7° Celsius by 2060.

US breaks 2020 record for billion-dollar natural disasters with 23 this year

This year's disasters have cost more than $57.9 billion and claimed at least 253 lives.

Iceland suspends whaling ship over animal welfare violation

Last year, 148 fin whales were caught around Iceland, on average dying within 11.5 minutes of being harpooned.


Why did it rain in Israel before Rosh Hashanah?

There have only been three similar rain events since the early 20th century, according to the Israel Meteorological Service.

Greenhouse gases

Israeli government pushes for net zero by 2050 with climate bill

The urgency of the climate bill increased after a recent report showed that Israel had recorded its highest greenhouse gas emissions levels since 2012.

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