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News, analysis and commentary from Israel and across the globe on Environment & climate change and its impact on weather, business, politics, rising sea levels, and the food we consume.

Unprecedented and extreme weather to hit Middle East, Mediterranean

The German and Cypriot researchers that conducted the research warn that this will soon become a reality unless “immediate, ambitious and transboundary climate action is taken.”

Researchers find way to predict how much Florida-sized doomsday glacier will melt

It is estimated that the complete loss of the glacier and surrounding ice basins would raise the sea level from three to 10 feet.

That stings: Climate change can make bumblebees wake up too early and die - study

Climate change can make bumblebees wake up from hibernation too early, likely a fatal outcome. Since bumblebees are vital pollinators in agriculture, this can spell disaster for everyone.

Fish stocks worldwide won't be sustainable due to climate change, overfishing - study

Researchers used computer models to determine the exact climate change levels at which fish stocks could not increase.

This new Israeli aquaculture tech could help relieve global food crisis

‘Enriched seaweed’ with an extremely high nutritional value predicted by Israeli researchers is to become a superfood for mankind.

Climate change is biggest threat to earth, international poll finds

A median of 75% across all 19 nationalities that participated in the poll views the climate crisis as a major threat.

The heat is on: Humanity’s future may hinge on climate tech

As an intense weeklong heat wave hits the region, Israeli climate scientists say that only new technologies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions can save us.


Air pollution is linked to socioeconomic ranking - survey

The first study of its kind conducted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection examines the location of emissions into the air according to the socio-economic ranking of the local authority.

Israel’s cement monopoly fined almost $1.9 million for air contamination

The fine for Nesher Ramla factory, the country’s third-most polluting facility, is “far from enough,” an Israeli lawmaker told The Media Line.

By Adi Koplewitz/The Media Line
 Breadfruit served for breakfast, alongside starfruit and plantains.

Climate change will ravage humanity's main crop resources - except for one

Researchers say global warming will have little impact one one particular production: breadfruit. The superfood could even end world hunger, according to the study.

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