Environment & Climate Change

News, analysis and commentary from Israel and across the globe on Environment & climate change and its impact on weather, business, politics, rising sea levels, and the food we consume.

Mediterranean Sea is warming, rising faster than it should be - report

The report said that the upper layer is warming at 0.13 degrees Celsius yearly because of global warming.

New interactive maps to help Israel face rising environmental threats

The maps are meant to help decision-makers better understand the likelihood of being exposed to certain risks and who and what is vulnerable to that risk due to socioeconomic, age, or other factors.

SPNI's SeaWatch app sees double the downloads in 2023

The SeaWatch application was launched seven years ago due to challenges enforcing violations in the sea and nature reserves. Last year, the team updated the app empowering a more effective response. 

How to give Israel a green future after the war with Hamas is over

Why southern Israel must tackle environmental hazards and fuel innovation in the wake of the Gaza conflict.

Alarming levels of chemical contamination found in small coastal ecosystems

The new study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem shows that these harmful chemicals pose a significant risk to both the environment and human health.

Ahead of Tu Bishvat: KKL-JNF to plant 45,000 trees in areas affected by war

This year, most of the planting will be carried out in the agricultural areas affected by the war  in Israel. 

UBQ Materials debuts three bio-based solutions for sustainable manufacturing

The award-winning company aims to close the gap between profitability and sustainability.

Swamp cat spotted on nighttime prowl in Israel's North

Due to the tension in the North, the Hula Valley is empty of human visitors, but the same cannot be said of its wildlife inhabitants.

Heavy traffic jam on the Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv due to construction work, on June 11, 2020

Israel must step up to combat vehicle-caused air pollution - comptroller

In his report, released on Monday, Matanyahu Englman said there were only 219 fast-charging stations for the country’s more than 40,000 electric vehicles.

Scientists warn of even hotter 2024 as climate crisis intensifies

Prof. Celeste Saulo: "We cannot afford to wait any longer" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources.

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