Environment & Climate Change

News, analysis and commentary from Israel and across the globe on Environment & climate change and its impact on weather, business, politics, rising sea levels, and the food we consume.

Will we again fail to heed the warnings of climate threats?

It is essential that this time we listen to the warnings and succeed in reducing climate threats. There is no Planet B or effective Plan B.


Bacteria could be used to fight plastic pollution - study

Researchers found that plastic pollution may contribute to the metabolic cycles of aquatic microorganisms.

Should we be concerned about this year's massive jellyfish swarm?

The unusually large pools of jellyfish sitting along Israel’s northern border are not an urgent cause of concern, said Prof. Dror Angel of the University of Haifa.


Coral reproductive capacity decreases with water depth - study

A new Tel Aviv University-led study questions the hope that deep coral populations may help replenish degraded shallow ones.

Dryland mechanisms will take over ecosystems as the planet gets drier – study

70% of topsoil will likely see a reduction in water content over the next 100 years.


Is silk a safe, biodegradable alternative to microplastics? Study says yes

Microplastics are used in a wide variety of products but their polluting effect on the environment is growing worse. Silk-based alternatives may be more affordable and safer.


Human-caused climate change increases risk of extreme heatwaves - study

The researchers linked the 2021 North American heatwave to greenhouse gas emissions.

How can singles make dating more environmentally friendly in Israel?

The presence of environmental issues in dating apps comes as people are more concerned about what effects climate change will have in the future.

Greenhouse gases

Tons of greenhouse gases released due to thawing permafrost-study

From the desert to Alaska, a considerable amount of greenhouse gas is being produced and released into the atmosphere due to rapidly thawing permafrost.

Heat waves are most dangerous in cold countries -Soroka Med

Much of Europe has been sweltering under temperatures near 40 degrees centigrade, sending residents of England, France, Italy and elsewhere to historical fountains in cities to jump in and cool off.

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