Supporting Israeli dance in Spain

A roundup of recent activities of the Israeli Embassy in Spain supporting Israeli dance

(photo credit: LIOR SEGEV)

In early September, Israeli choreographer Sharon Friedman participated in the ninth edition of “Espacio Espiral, a dance event that takes place annually in Santander in northern Spain. The event is a meeting of young choreographers and bands who will present their works at the festival palace in the city. Friedman presented two of his works, utilizing a cast of Israeli dancers – “Go Figure,” a new, 25-minute duet featuring a dancer with disabilities, and “Hasta Dónde?” a 20-minute duet that examines the boundary with the other. This work has been performed for over twelve years and has been studied and performed by various dance companies in Spain and around the world. The Embassy’s support enabled the team to arrive from Israel and participate in the event.

At the beginning of July, the two directors of the “10 Centidos” dance festival in Valencia came to Israel to collaborate with the Fresco modern dance company and create a new work for next year’s festival. At the end of July, Yoram Karmi, the artistic director of the Fresco company, arrived in Spain to continue this collaboration. In addition, Karmi gave workshops at the Espai LaGranja dance center in Valencia, and his arrival was publicized in the local media.

Yoram Carmi (Credit: Espai La Granja)Yoram Carmi (Credit: Espai La Granja)

In August, Israeli choreographer Gil Kerr participated in the Danzad Malditos international dance festival in Pamplona, which was held outdoors. Kerr presented his work “Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C by Vivaldi,” at the historic White Horse, one of the most beautiful sites in Pamplona, which overlooks the entire city.

The Embassy has been assisting Israeli choreographer Talia de Vries who came to Spain to collaborate with Spanish artist Vicente Colomer. The two are working on a joint work within the framework of two different residency programs in Spain, one at the Graner Dance Center in Barcelona, and the other at Casa Encendida in Madrid. Their project, entitled “Noir c ́est pas noir,” challenges the viewing experience and how an image is created on stage. It deals with the dialogue between movement, sounds, space and time, demonstrating that architecture is a living art. Their project was selected from over 300 different projects, due to its quality and artistic innovation. In January 2023, the two will present the results of their work in Madrid.

Israeli choreographer and creator Annabelle Dvir was chosen to present her work “Fictions” at a Beta Publica event, which aims to discover new talents in contemporary dance. The event took place at the Teatros Del Canal, the largest and most modern theatre in Madrid.

Annabelle Dvir (Credit: Alba Muriel)Annabelle Dvir (Credit: Alba Muriel)

Finally, the Embassy supported choreographer Dana Sapir, who participated in a five-day residency program at Teatro Campoamor in Asturias in northern Spain. Sapir’s participation in the program opened the door for future collaborations with various Spanish choreographers

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