Batsheva Dance Company takes center stage in Denmark

  (photo credit: København Danser)
(photo credit: København Danser)

The Batsheva Dance Company ensemble brought a taste of the Israeli dance scene to Denmark in May.

The ensemble offered three sold-out performances in Copenhagen during the prestigious København Danser Festival.

After one of the shows, the Embassy of Israel in Denmark organized a reception for the dancers and the festival leadership, which was attended also by many prominent figures from the country’s cultural scene as well as by many ambassadors. The reception also celebrated the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel.

A week before the performance, København Danser, with the support of the embassy, also organized a “gaga” dance class attended by some 250 participants

Gaga is an innovative and ever-evolving movement language developed by אhe artistic director of Batsheva Ohad Naharin. Gaga has transformed Batsheva's training methods and has gained recognition as a significant influence in the broader field of movement practices worldwide.

“This is an additional opportunity to praise the events devoted to giving exposure to the Israeli culture organized with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Jonathan Lebel, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Denmark.

Credit - København Danser
Credit - København Danser

He recalled how last December, the founder of the Danish festival Ulrik Birkkjaer was invited to attend one of such events focusing on dance in Israel.

“He returned fascinated by Israel and by the world of Israeli dance,” Lebel added. “There is no doubt that the warm relationship with Ulrik - and with the festival - improved after his visit to Israel."

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