Upper Austria and Israel sign new memorandum on cultural cooperation

  (photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Austria)
(photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Austria)

Upper Austria and Israel signed a new memorandum of understanding on cultural, educational and scientific cooperation in November.

The document will be valid for the years 2022-2027. It was signed by Nurit Tinari, head of the Cultural Relations division at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Margot Nazzal, Director of Culture and Society at the State of Upper Austria.

Several officials from both countries participated in the talks and preparation ahead of the signing, including Michaela Fasching from the Culture Department in the Governor's Office and Deputy Ambassador Gabriele Gil-Feigl for Austria and Ambassador Ilan Ben Dov from the Central European Division and Director for Cultural & Scientific Cooperation Department Pnina El-Al for Israel.

The Israeli and the Austrian delegations emphasized the great importance of cooperation in the field of culture between the two countries, in order to strengthen the ties between the nations, especially among the younger generations.

The parties committed to make every effort to implement and carry out the activities mentioned in the memorandum so that cultural institutions and artists in both countries can work together under the umbrella provided by the agreement.

Documents signed in previous years focused on Holocaust education, cultural festivals, translation of literature, promotions of Israeli and Austrian artists and youth cooperation.

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