First International Poetry Festival held in Larnaca, Cyprus

Ronny Someck (photo credit: ISABELLE LAGNY)
Ronny Someck
(photo credit: ISABELLE LAGNY)

The city of Larnaca is the birthplace of the Greek philosopher Zeno, and it is highly appropriate for a poetry festival to be held in a ‘philosophical’ city such as Larnaca.

Thirty poets from Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, France, Italy, Mexico and Israel were invited to this year’s inaugural festival. Ronny Someck, the prominent Israeli poet and author who has published 13 volumes of poetry, represented Israel and recited his poem, ‘Shir Ha-Osher’ (the song of happiness).

  (credit: Embasssy of Cyprus) (credit: Embasssy of Cyprus)

The organization of the event was similar to that of the Eurovision. On opening night, the bishop and the mayor sat in the first row of the theater, with culture fans in attendance. Each poet recited poetry in their native language, and the English translation was displayed on the screen. Singers, dancers and choirs performed between poetry readings, and the music of the famous Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis was in the air.

Oren Anolik, Israel’s Ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus, and Deputy Ambassador Noga Caspi were in attendance, in honor of the participation of Israeli poet Ronny Someck.

In the mornings, symposia were held on the poet’s condition and the connection between poetry and painting. How beautiful it is to hear the voices of poets who are ambassadors of their culture!

The municipality of Larnaca prepared joint meals, the highlight of which was a party at a local tavern. Participants sang, danced and felt that poetry was not only an intimate act between the writer and the paper but a subject of rejoicing.

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