Novelist Dror Mishani meets Greek readers in Athens

 Dror Mishani (photo credit: Sophi Besol/Maariv Online)
Dror Mishani
(photo credit: Sophi Besol/Maariv Online)

In late May, Israeli suspense novelist Dror Mishani spent two days visiting Athens through the initiative and organization of the embassy and in cooperation with the local publisher. Though the Greek translation of his first book, "Three," was published last November, the embassy held the events in May because of the inability to hold in-person events due to the pandemic at that time.  

Mishani is a writer, literary scholar and translator who has been writing detective novels for over a decade. His book "The Missing File," the first in a trilogy dealing with police officer Avraham Avraham, was a great success and was translated into numerous languages.

Commenting on "Three," the Israeli website Ynet wrote, "This experienced suspense author presents a particularly successful mix of gray reality and horror. At the center of the plot are seemingly uninteresting women, including a teacher who is a single parent, and a Latvian migrant worker, but Mishani's clever writing forces the reader to identify with them and enjoy page after page. On the way to the dramatic conclusion, he manages to avoid feminist preaching."

As part of his visit to Athens, The Israeli embassy coordinated a series of interviews with cultural journalists, a readers gathering attended by dozens of people, a podcast recording, a meeting with Greek writers and literary critics, and a get-together for the Jewish community. In light of the interest generated and the success of his visit, the publishing house intends to translate and distribute "The Missing File" in Greek as well.

Writer Dror Mishani in Greece (Credit: Ivan Vasiliadis)Writer Dror Mishani in Greece (Credit: Ivan Vasiliadis)
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