Israeli memory master Eran Katz dazzles audiences in Thailand

  (photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Thailand)
(photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Thailand)

Eran Katz, whose books on memory improvement and brain power have been translated into nineteen languages, presented lectures on the subject this past May in Bangkok to enthusiastic throngs of Thais in the capital city.  “My purpose in life,” says Katz, “is to help people. The techniques I have developed were a life-changer for me, and it became my mission to help other people with these techniques.”

Katz has delivered thousands of lectures on the topic around the world and says that he has improved and refined his lectures over the years. Among his popular books are “5 Gifts for the Mind,” “Secrets of Super Memory” and “The Secret of the Jewish Mind.” He adds that his books are particularly successful in countries of the Far East, such as Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia. Katz is considered the top Israeli author in Thailand and reports that while staying in Thailand at the Raintree Residence, where rooms are named after famous authors, he was amazed to find that a room was actually named in his honor.

  (credit: Embassy of Israel in Thailand) (credit: Embassy of Israel in Thailand)

“When I speak in foreign countries,” says Katz, “I am doing good public relations for Israel and the Jewish people.” Katz recalls the enthusiastic response he received from students at a speaking engagement in Ireland, where Israel is not looked upon favorably. “I want them to meet one “good Israeli,” he chuckles. “They will remember me because I helped them in their studies.”

Eran Katz insists that he is not particularly talented, but he has trained his memory to perform incredible feats. His performances are laced with humor, self-deprecating wit, and an amazing power of recall.

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