Musical collaboration between Atraf Israeli band and Mexican band Los Rumberos

 Atraf band (photo credit: Amir Brut)
Atraf band
(photo credit: Amir Brut)

Due to the pandemic circumstances that did not allow the physical arrival of artists from Israel to Mexico, the Israeli Embassy in Mexico led a first-of-its-kind virtual collaboration between a Mexican band and an Israeli band that created a joint adaptation in Hebrew and Spanish of the Mexican song “Fuiste Mia.”

Each band recorded their part in the song in their respective studios in Israel and Mexico, and later worked together to create the joint version. In addition, a video clip demonstrating the remote musical collaboration between the bands was produced and released. The Hebrew lyrics of the song were also transcribed into Spanish to make the song accessible to the Spanish-speaking audience.

As part of a joint digital and print campaign, the project was covered in many different publications in the Mexican press, many of which featured interviews with the bands and the embassy. The song video garnered over 350,000 views on digital media.

Tal Itzhakov, the Israeli Cultural attaché in Mexico says that ״the project greatly helped strengthen the embassy’s contacts with government officials in the field of culture and international cooperation and with the media״. 

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