Stéphane Legar performs at the Nigerian ambassador's residence for Africa Day

Stéphane Legar, at Africa Day Reception

Professor Robert Dussey, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Togo, surprised the participants of an Africa Day reception when he burst out singing “Shema Yisrael” upon finishing his speech. “I’m not a singer, but I will conclude my remarks with a song,” said Dussey, who then broke out in song to the surprise of those in attendance. Beforehand, Dussey met Israeli-Togolese pop singer Stéphane Legar. The event took place at the residence of Narat Kolo, Nigerian ambassador to Israel in Kfar Shmaryahu in honor of Africa Day.

  (credit: Miri Shimanivich) (credit: Miri Shimanivich)

Ambassadors of African countries and other VIPs were in attendance, including Togo’s Foreign Minister Dussey, Finance Ministry Minister Hamad Amar (Druze), Israeli diplomats from the Foreign Ministry, business leaders and others. The guest of honor was Stéphane Legar, who was received with great honor and respect. Stéphane’s music was played during the event, and the guests stood in a long line to be photographed with him because he is considered “the pride of Africa.”

Africa Day Reception (Credit: Miri Shimanivich)Africa Day Reception (Credit: Miri Shimanivich)

“Ever since I can remember,” said Stéphane, “my family and I have been celebrating Africa Day in Israel. It’s always a big and exciting celebration and this time the event was especially exciting for my family and me. It was the closing of a circle, because it was not just the big hugs I received from everyone, but also meeting with Togo’s Foreign Minister, who is also the number one fan of Israel in Africa. He told me that in Togo, everyone knows my name and is proud that I represent them in the State of Israel.”

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