Israeli musicians light up the night in Varaždin, Croatia

  (photo credit: Siniša Sović/Concert Agency Varaždin)
(photo credit: Siniša Sović/Concert Agency Varaždin)

A group of Israeli musicians offered a special concert in Varaždin, Croatia in October, to celebrate the 25th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Founded in 2007, the Barrocada ensemble specializes in early music, and plays period instruments. The performance of countertenor Yaniv d'Or (the younger brother of the world-renowned singer, David D’or) and mezzo-soprano Maya Amir received an especially warm reception by the festival’s audience.

The ensemble performed during the 52nd edition of the Varaždin Baroque Evening Festival, one of the most important international events devoted to early music.

“It is wonderful to return to beautiful Varaždin,” said d’Or. “For me, coming here is like coming home, because I truly feel welcome. I also enjoy walking through your baroque city."

  (credit: Siniša Sović/Concert Agency Varaždin) (credit: Siniša Sović/Concert Agency Varaždin)

D’Or and Amir sang Ladino songs as well as traditional Croatian songs. The concert was supported by the Embassy of Israel in Croatia.

"I am glad of the opportunity to visit Varaždin. This concert is actually my first diplomatic activity since I took office in Zagreb three days ago,” said Ambassador Gary Koren. “The cultural ties between Israel and Croatia are good, and the Varaždin Baroque Evening Festival has been an excellent host for our musicians for years."

Among those who attended the event was the mayor of Varaždin Neven Bosilj.

"Israel is an extremely important country on the global scale, and we are truly honoured to be able to host both the new ambassador and these excellent musicians," he said.

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