Israeli musician sings about love and peace in Colombia

  (photo credit: Israeli Embassy in Colombia )
(photo credit: Israeli Embassy in Colombia )

 Israeli musician Yair Dalal brought a message of love and peace at the Annual International Festival of Sacred Music in Bogotá, Colombia, last fall.

Dalal took hundreds of people who attended his concert called “Love in Judaism Sacred Music” on a journey of reflection and meditation through the unique and colorful sounds of his violin and oud, the Persian short-neck lute-type instrument he loves.

“I am very excited to spread my music all over the world, especially here in South America, in Bogotá,” said the musician, who is of Jewish-Iraqi descent. “My music is very different from the music here and I feel so happy when people listen and love it.”

“I think my work is part of a mission to make the world a better place because music brings people together, music can cheer our hearts and music can even bring peace between all the nations,” he added.

Dalal’s visit to Colombia was supported by the Embassy of Israel in Bogotá. The artist also participated in an event marking the second anniversary of the Abraham Accords, where he performed as the guest of honor.

“Israel's cultural heritage spans centuries and continents, fusing tradition with modernity, the local with the international, and the individual with the universal,” said Ambassador Gali Dagan while inaugurating the Sacred Music Festival, which the embassy has supported for many years, sending outstanding Israeli artists with a message of tolerance, peace and acceptance.

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