A breakthrough in Israeli cultural activity in Korea

 Israel in Korea Metaverse 2022 (photo credit: israeli embassy in Korea)
Israel in Korea Metaverse 2022
(photo credit: israeli embassy in Korea)

The year 2022, which marked the 60th year of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Republic of Korea, also signaled a major breakthrough in Israeli cultural activity in Korea.

In addition to producing an MTV-level music fusion video featuring renowned Israeli and Korean artists filmed on Masada, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem, and “Israel in Korea Metaverse 2022,” the world’s virtual embassy metaverse, the Israeli Embassy injected a focus on Israel at all three of Korea’s major international dance festivals, as well as Korea’s two major jazz and rock festivals. In addition, the Embassy, led by Ambassador Akiva Tor, was responsible for the production of two full-length Israeli plays in Korean, and an Israel-Korea science research conference held at one of Korea’s leading science institutions.  

The Israeli Embassy in Korea has more exciting cultural programs in the pipeline for 2023, including a major exhibition by the Holon center for Digital Art at the Gwangju Biennale, one of Asia’s major art platforms, as well as repeat Israeli performances at many of the festivals. The Embassy is hoping to bring the Israel Cultural Center back to full activity after three years of Covid, with a lecture series on the history, composition and method of the Talmud, as well as introduce and promote Israeli folk dancing, which is not yet known in Korea.

The purpose of the Israel Embassy’s cultural programs is to deepen the engagement between two of the most dynamic countries at the opposite ends of Asia that have synergetic economies and complementary deep defense needs, and to bring both countries closer at the political level as well.

The joint music video project

Featuring renowned Israeli and Korean artists, the antiquity and innovation of Israel and Korea mesh in a music video filmed on Masada, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. Israeli jazz musician Daniel Zamir and soul vocalist, Ester Rada, perform with Korean Pansori singer, Yulhee Kim and Geomungo player, Yoon Jung Hur, in Missing Here, a love song and hope for what can be.

Israel in Korea Metaverse 2022

Step into the future in the Israel in Korea Metaverse 2022, an immersive virtual meeting space of unique avatars where you can experience the many faces of Israel and its culture and learn about 60 years of Israel’s relations with Korea and its people. The first virtual embassy metaverse in Korea or anywhere in the world.

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