Israeli female artists celebrate diversity in Serbia

  (photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Belgrade)
(photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Belgrade)

An Israeli duo performed at a music festival devoted to celebrating diversity in Serbia.

“Duo Andalus” artists Lala Tamar and Ofer Ronen took part in the 13th Ethno Fusion Fest in Belgrade, with the support of the local Embassy of Israel.

Born in Israel to Brazilian-Moroccan parents, Tamar combines traditional Jewish Moroccan music with modern Arabic and Gnawa music (a combination of Moroccan and West African Islamic religious songs).

Credit: Embassy of Israel in Belgrade
Credit: Embassy of Israel in Belgrade

Ronen’s work includes composing, arranging and performing with a fusion of music blending Middle Eastern melodies, flamenco, and Sephardic music.

The Ethno Fusion Fest is organized by the Jewish community of the capital of Serbia for the general public.

This year, the festival was dedicated to women's voices. For three evenings, three female singers from different musical traditions performed showcasing their unique style.

The initiative seeks to promote the diverse heritage of marginalized and under-represented cultures in Serbia, as well as the wider Balkan and Mediterranean regions.

Every year, musicians of various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds devoted to the authenticity of their art participate in the festival, recognizing each other’s particular talents and styles while at the same time making precious contacts and exchanging experiences.

The event always offers an atmosphere of tolerance and love.

The Duo Andalus’ performance marked a resounding success, further strengthening the bonds between Israel and Serbia and fostering a deeper appreciation for Israeli culture within the Belgrade community.

The Embassy of Israel in Belgrade looks forward to future collaborations and cultural exchanges that will continue to strengthen the enduring friendship between the two nations.

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