IsraeliJazz Exhibition to Open at Jazz à Juan Festival

For jazz enthusiasts and festival goers alike, the exhibition provided a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Israeli jazz.

 Avishai Cohen  Espace Vasarely, Antony, 2019. (photo credit: Raphael Pérez)
Avishai Cohen Espace Vasarely, Antony, 2019.
(photo credit: Raphael Pérez)

The highly anticipated IsraeliJazz exhibition, curated by Raphael Perez, commenced on July 10 as part of the esteemed Jazz à Juan festival. Located in the hall of the Tourism office within the Juan les Pins Palais des Congrès, in France, the exhibition will feature approximately twenty captivating, large-format photographs.

The IsraeliJazz Project offers a captivating insight into Israel's prominent position in the contemporary jazz scene. Through a curated selection of photographs and biographies, the exhibition presents the stories of 78 talented Israeli jazz musicians who have made significant contributions to the genre.

For jazz enthusiasts and festival goers alike, this exhibition provides a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Israeli jazz. The IsraeliJazz book, scheduled for release in the fall of 2023, will further complement the exhibition by delving into the origins and evolution of jazz in Israel, showcasing the vibrant music education system, and highlighting key venues and festivals that have played a pivotal role in shaping the Israeli jazz landscape.

IsraeliJazz Exhibition flyer (Credit: FOREIGN MINISTRY)
IsraeliJazz Exhibition flyer (Credit: FOREIGN MINISTRY)

The Jazz à Juan festival has once again demonstrated its commitment to showcasing outstanding artistic endeavors, and the inclusion of the IsraeliJazz exhibition adds another layer of excitement to this world-renowned event. Visitors until the end of August can expect an extraordinary visual and auditory experience as they explore the dynamic world of Israeli jazz through the lens of Raphael Perez's exceptional photography.

The IsraeliJazz book is the result of a collaborative effort between two distinguished specialists:

Yair Dagan, an Israeli writer acclaimed for his seminal work "Jazz in Israel – the First 50 Years (1930-1980)," published by Steimatzky in 2015. Dagan's expertise provides invaluable insights into the origins and evolution of jazz in Israel.

Eli Degibri
Eli Degibri

Lee Caplan, a Musicology professor at New Jersey University, whose 2017 thesis focused on jazz in Israel and the country's exceptional jazz education system. Caplan's scholarly research brings depth and context to the project.

Raphael Perez, the gifted photographer behind IsraeliJazz, brings a wealth of experience to this artistic endeavor. With a background in the high-tech industry, Perez has dedicated the past decade to capturing the essence of musicians and singers through on-stage photography. Perez: "When observing the agenda of any jazz venue in the world, you will notice the importance of Israeli jazz. What I discovered while working on this project is that a process started in the 1990s allowing the installation of a strong ecosystem of schools, festivals, labels, international agreements, and the contribution of some key people enabled Israel to become a strong place in the global jazz arena. This is made possible by the quality of the musical education they received and their high level of creativity. It is like the position Israel holds in the high-tech industry. It is a very unknown fact outside of professionals, and I wished to make it visible to a wider audience. It is my small contribution to the promotion of modern jazz and Israeli culture."

The IsraeliJazz book, comprising 200 pages adorned with over 100 breathtaking photographs, will provide an in-depth exploration of the musicians' lives and their profound impact on Israeli jazz. In addition to the Artists and Biography section, the book's initial chapters will delve into the arrival of jazz in Israel and the journey it has taken to achieve its present prominence. It will illuminate the multicultural nature of Israeli society and underscore the diverse influences that have shaped the music produced by its jazzmen.

The highly anticipated IsraeliJazz book is set to be released in French and English in the fall of 2023. Jazz Magazine, a prominent publication in the industry, will oversee its global publication and promotion, ensuring that the inspiring stories and captivating visuals reach jazz enthusiasts worldwide.

The IsraeliJazz project has already gained momentum with previous photography exhibitions held in Tel Aviv in October 2023 at ZOA House and in Paris in April 2023 at Galerie Kelman. Additionally, conferences have been conducted since March 2023 to generate awareness and engagement with the project and its compelling content. A digital platform is also being developed, providing an interactive space to showcase the book's content and offer information updates via convenient QR codes.

To learn more about the project goals and current activities before its global launch in October 2023, please visit the official IsraeliJazz website at

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