Fauda star Tsahi Halevi delights Indian audiences with Hindi song

Tzahi Halevi with Bollywood legend Anupam Kher  (photo credit: Kobbi Shoshani )
Tzahi Halevi with Bollywood legend Anupam Kher
(photo credit: Kobbi Shoshani )
Tsahi Halevi in India
Tsahi Halevi, an actor, a model, a producer and one of the stars of the Israeli series, Fauda, returned to his roots also as a singer recently when he visited India and serenaded Indian fans with the local hit, “Yaara teri yaari” on the occasion of 74th Israeli Independence Day, in an event organized by the Embassy of Israel in India.

Halevi also treated the audience to a few lines from the song, “Tamally Ma'ak,” at the event organized by the Embassy of Israel in India. The event celebrated 30 years of diplomatic ties between India and Israel.

Fauda, which depicts a counterterrorism unit of the Israeli army and the Palestinians they are tracking, is a Netflix series which has been successful  in India.

  (credit: Embassy of Israel in New Dehli) (credit: Embassy of Israel in New Dehli)

"I think Fauda is a hit in India. We get a lot of social media feedback from India. We had great feedback from India. It is a great opportunity to understand Indian television and cinema,” Halevi said.

He added that he would be happy to get an offer from the Indian film industry that art and cinema can ''act as a bridge'' between two nations and hinted that he would be interested in taking part in an Indian-Israeli co-production.

"I am glad that we finally managed to bring Tsahi Halevi to India and we were lucky enough to have him on our National Day celebration. We knew the local audience would recognize him, but we did not imagine he would get such love and attention from the locals. I believe that this visit will provide more opportunities for fruitful cooperation between Israel and India in the field of film and television", says Reuma Mantzur, Cultural Attaché at the embassy of Israel in India. 

Consul general of Israel in Mumbai, Mr. Kobbi Shoshani adds: “The vibrant societies of our two nation, the love between the people and the common ancient culture reflect also in this visit. As a big fan of both film industries I saw in person the love and respect to Tshai Halevi from actors, producers and directors. I was surprised to see that even when we walked in the streets of Mumbai people recognized the “Fauda Star” and asked him for selfie. They showed their respect to Israel, Its culture and our spirit. We hope will have soon mutual production that promote the good relations and ties between India and Israel”.

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