Often, this involves capitalizing on their English skills, which, in certain markets, can prove to be their biggest asset. Examples of such jobs include writing, editing, teaching English, and many marketing positions – all of which allow Olim to utilize their native skills in their daily work. Rachel Berger, NBN’s Post Aliyah Department director, offers the following eight tips for successful career reinvention.

1.List your skills. Are there certain talents that you are naturally good at? Have you acquired any specialized training or knowledge in the course of your life? These will help you identify the strengths you are bringing to your new profession.

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2.List your interests and passions. What are the things you care deeply about? Are there things you are interested in but don’t know much about yet? These can serve as indicators of potential career directions that you might want to explore.

3.Identify the marketable dimension of your skills. Virtually every skill or experience you’ve accrued in the past can help you in your new position, the key is to clearly demonstrate the benefits it offers your potential employer or potential client will help you develop your career.

4.Understand your market. Not everything you are passionate about can be turned into a business opportunity; the key is to find the sweet spot where your talents complement the needs of the market. Whether you are looking for a different job or want to set out on your own, it’s important to objectively research whether the possibility for success exists in your current setting and circumstances.

5.If you are interested in a certain profession but don’t have experience in that field, identify what type of knowledge you need to acquire – and then do it. This may mean signing up for a professional course, mentoring with others who work in the field, or teach yourself. The Israeli Absorption ministry offers a variety of subsidized programs that help Olim to both learn new skills as well as transfer existing knowledge into new fields.

6.Find a mentor. Instead of reinventing the wheel, capitalize on the knowledge and experience of other individuals who have already built a career for themselves that is similar to the one you envision. It can be especially helpful to find a mentor who is also an Oleh like yourself and understands the specific challenges and opportunities that are unique to English speaking Olim.

7.Speak to and advisor from the NBN Employment Department. At this point we are tooting our own horn, but we have helped hundreds of Olim find job placements and build businesses – and we are happy to offer you are advice as well. Our job advisors can provide you with specialized information, insights gleaned from personal experience, and an objective perspective that can help you stay grounded and progressing towards your dream career. Contact us here: employment@nbn.org.il

8.We offer multiple online resources, networking events, and informative workshops to help you grow your knowledge and expand your network. In addition, we are always keeping an eye out for opportunities offered by other organizations and institutions


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