El Paso shooter's manifesto: ‘This is the last generation of white babies'

Why did the El Paso shooter drive 1,000 kilometers to commit the attack?

WHY DO they hate?  (photo credit: REUTERS)
WHY DO they hate?
(photo credit: REUTERS)
“This is the last generation of white babies,” an online manifesto released 19 minutes before the Saturday El Paso shooting declared in an online post, that has since been removed.
American media outlets are reporting that the attack, which left 20 dead and injured dozens more, was likely motivated by racial hatred.
The suspected killer is a 21-year-old white male from Allen, Texas who allegedly drove roughly 1,000 kilometers from his home to the border town to kill people whom he deemed as a threat to “our way of life.”
Three Mexican nationals were killed in the shooting, Mexican President Andres Obrador said according to CNN. Texas Governor Greg Abbot said the shooting is “one of the deadliest” in Texan history.
The online manifesto describes how a large Hispanic population in Texas will make it a “Democratic stronghold” and that immigration and first-generation Americans are guilty of “blending cultures” in the US, CNN reported.
In April, the Poway synagogue was attacked by a white male who murdered a woman and injured three other people, including the rabbi. The killer posted an online manifesto on 8chan in which he blamed Jewish-Americans for planning a “genocide of the European race.” The online social media site he used was similar to the one used by the El Paso attacker.
Created in 2013, 8chan maintains that its online platform are heavily monitored and promises users a “free speech friendly” platform. It has been linked to posts about mass shootings, racial hate and child pornography in the past.