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Meet Shira Friedman, the creative force behind Trumpeldor, a second-hand and vintage store.

May 30, 2013 14:18
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Shira Friedman

Shira Friedman 370. (photo credit: Courtesy)

“I always had a creative streak,” says Shira Friedman, the owner of Trumpeldor in Nachlaot, Jerusalem, that stocks a wide range of quality second-hand, vintage and designer clothing.

“When I was little I would play cops and robbers with my brothers, and they’d lose interest when I’d spend an hour dressing up,” recalls Shira. “As a teenager I loved to dress up, play and perform and also appreciated old stuff and antiques.”

When Shira first visited Trumpeldor several years ago, it was already open but had a very different feel. Run by a special retired woman Nama Frankel Schabb, the store was more like a gemach and was used as a place to spend time with neighborhood friends.

“I popped my head in and gave my details in case they ever needed help,” Shira recalls. That week Nama was sick and Shira found herself in the store cleaning up and decorating, and soon sourcing and buying clothes.

After a while, Nama could see that vintage was really Shira’s thing and offered to sell Shira the business.

Since it wasn’t thriving at the time, Shira could afford to buy it. To this day Shira speaks of Nama (who passed away recently) with fondness.

Shira partnered with a friend Judy at a later stage.

They used to joke that the store was the Cheers of the neighborhood. “There are always people hanging out and dressing up here,” says Shira. “We have an old record player, and friends stop by daily for a chat or counseling session. We’ve even had surprise birthday parties here.”

Naturally, Shira met her husband Avi at Trumpeldor.

“He came in wanting to know if I knew anything about antiques,” smiles Shira. “But really someone had suggested the match and he wanted to meet me!” Avi inevitably asked Shira to marry him on the premises too, and they have now been married for nine months.

“Avi and I and our friends like dressing up,” smiles Shira. “We’re pranksters. We choose theatrical themes for Shabbat get-togethers. We enjoy playing.” For now, nothing makes Shira happier than seeing her customers having fun.

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