‘One singular sensation’ returns

Encore presents its revival of the art-imitating-life Broadway blockbuster ‘A Chorus Line’ in the Holy City.

ALIVE AND Kicking: The cast of Encore Theater’s production of ‘A Chorus Line.’ (photo credit: ELIANNA)
ALIVE AND Kicking: The cast of Encore Theater’s production of ‘A Chorus Line.’
(photo credit: ELIANNA)
The 1970’s Broadway classic, A Chorus Line, is coming to Jerusalem this month for seven exclusive performances.
The musical follows a group of dancers, as they go through the process of an audition that could make or break their careers. The audition is unique, as the director decides to conduct a social experiment, where each would-be member of the dance ensemble shares their life story, dreams and aspirations.
The show itself is also atypical, as it is not built around one particular star or a definitive plot, and yet at the time it debuted, it was the longest-running show on Broadway. The original book also won the Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama in 1976. Not to mention, the classic song “One,” which ranks among the best song and dance numbers in Broadway history.
First-time director Yaeli Greenblatt says, “Similar to the diversity illustrated in the show, this phenomenal cast and crew come from all types of different backgrounds in Israeli society. Immigrants and native, religious and secular, married and single; all coming together to create and share the magic that is musical theater. The real beauty of this show is how true it is to the life of struggling artists.”
This art-imitating-life-imitating-art aspect of A Chorus Line is part of what makes it so interesting and engaging; it’s the only Broadway show where the cast plays a group of dancers auditioning for Broadway. In addition to this, there are universal themes of love and acceptance to which we can all relate. One of the most famous songs in A Chorus Line is “What I Did for Love.” The song is not only about what we are willing to do for who and what we love, but the lengths we go to in order to feel loved. Greenblatt also shares a close bond with A Chorus Line. Up until this show, her career has been in dancing and choreography, so the theme is very close to her heart.
Greenblatt and musical director Jeff Rosenschein are part of a production team that is one of a handful in the burgeoning English-language theater scene in Jerusalem. The English-language theater community is extremely active, with approximately 10 musicals being put on in Jerusalem every year. For example, this year there was Company in September/ October, Little Shop of Horrors in October/ November, Trial By Jury at the end of December, Seussical and Aida after that.
Later on this season, fans of musicals can look forward to Oliver.
“The English community theater scene in Jerusalem has evolved enormously over the years, largely thanks to an ever-growing group of passionate and talented young people who all share an appreciation for and commitment to the performing arts. For anyone who hasn’t experienced just how lively the Jerusalem theater scene really is, this show will prove that it’s not only alive and kicking, but in gold top hats to boot. I urge everyone to come join us for an exciting evening of thrilling choreography, classic songs, and extraordinary fun,” said Greenblatt.
Encore and Starcatcher productions will run the show from March 19-27 at the Masorti High School in Jerusalem. Tickets are available online at www.encore-etc.com.