Top 5: Coolest coffee shops in Tel Aviv

A new column: Food enthusiasts at Taste TLV give their verdict on the best that the Tel Aviv dining scene has to offer.

Cafe Bialik 311 (photo credit: Taste TLV )
Cafe Bialik 311
(photo credit: Taste TLV )
Judith S. Goldstein is the Co-Founder of TasteTLV. TasteTLV is the ultimate culinary guide for dining in Tel Aviv.

Cafe Bialik
Why we love it: Named after one the most popular and influential poets in Israeli history, today Bialik Street is one of the most charming and popular streets in Tel Aviv. Nothing pays better homage to the history than a cafe that encompasses everything we love about the city. The well equipped staff are pros at handling the busy crowd. Best of all, Cafe Bialik has live music weekly, showcasing some of the most up and coming Israeli musicians and bands. Here is a place that truly celebrates the history, music, culture and the food that this great city has to offer!

Who goes there: Set in a historical building, movers and shakers in the Tel Aviv scene lounge at the outdoor tables, sipping strong doses of coffee while amusing themselves as they people watch.
When to go: Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food at Cafe Bialik is consistently delicious.
Recommended dish: We especially love the eggs benedict which comes on a croissant and is topped with English ham, a perfectly poached egg, and some serious hollaindaise sauce.
Bakery 29
Why we love it: At Bakery 29 there is not one dish on the menu that we don’t salivate over. With a bountiful selection of baked goods, breakfast items, salads, sandwiches and a killer blend of coffee, this comfortable and sophisticated cafe steals our hearts. If that wasn’t enough to win us over, owner Netta Korin, donates all the proceeds to help low income combat soldiers go to university. This refined and charming bakery is a great stop for breakfast, a coffee break, or a delightful place to study, read, or relax. Scrumptious food for a good cause, it never felt so good to eat!
Who goes there: With tables for two, diners at Bakery 29 are predominantly young couples, students, and neighborhood dwellers stopping to get a quick treat.
When to go: Bakery 29 is a great stop before work to get a quick take away bite on your way to the office, a fantastic place to have brunch and catch up with a good friend, or an ideal lunch stop for a quick slice of pizza, sandwich or fresh salad.
Recommended dishes: Although we truly love everything on the menu, we simply can not live without the Parmesan chive scone, the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and the frititta breakfast.
Lilush Panini
Why we love it: Lilush Panini is a perfectly homey neighborhood cafe in the city that captivates you at first bite. The cafe boasts an extensive and mouth-watering menu of paninis, pastas, salads, and breakfast favorites. The creamy lattes and pistol packing espresso will have you buzzing all day, while the homemade sangria will have you flying high on a warm summer night. Owner and chef Liat Balilety holds nothing back when it comes to her pride and joy and makes sure to perfect each detail, granting the guests a sublime spot to lounge while taking in the Tel Aviv breeze. 
Who goes there: The crowd at Lilush Panini is diverse, just like the menu. From young, fresh faces reveling at the sangria, a darling old couple enjoying a fine meal, or a mother and a child spooning a decadent dessert.
When to go:Lilush Panini is a nice stop for a simple breakfast, but because of the extensive dinner menu, dinner there is ideal. Make sure to go early, the seats fill up fast!

Recommended dish: Our favorites are the Lilush Paninni and any risotto dish on the menu. Anything will go well with their homemade Sangria, one of the best in town.
6B Cafe
Why we love it: With it’s eclectic cafes, eye catching galleries, and fascinating architecture, Aha’d Ha’m Street is gradually becoming one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city. The owners of renowned design school 6B Design wanted to open a small cafe where the students could relax between classes, and what was created was a small “cave-like” cafe perfect for the artsy, intellectual, hipster. With a wide selection of design and art books and underground art magazines hanging on the walls, 6B is the perfect place to incubate the creative mind and spirit.
Who goes there: Hipsters, artists, intellects, writers, and those with a creative spirit love this hang out for a constant dose of inspiration and a serene atmosphere to nurture their ideas.
When to go: Great place for a mid-day snack and a quiet place to study, work, or think any time of day.
Recommended dish: The toast and egg. It’s two pieces of bread filled with pesto sauce, tomato, and egg and topped with a poached egg; it comes with a side of salad and two drinks.
Cafe Barnash
Why we love it: Cafe Barnash is the brainchild of Ezra Nahum, owner of Shivim Pilim and Noa Margalit, lead singer of The Carsitters, therefor their collaboration is the perfect blend of creative and logical. Noa brings her artistic savvy, while Erez incorporates his business expertise. What we get is a place that’s whimsical and comfortable, yet smart and efficient. They have a traditional Israeli breakfast deal for only NIS 24 if you order before 12pm, served with a frothy mug of roasted coffee and a variety of other breakfast dishes.
Who goes there: The clientele ranges anywhere from families, to businessmen, to youngsters  looking for a caffeine fix. Cafe Barnash really is a place where anyone is comfortable and welcomed.
When to go: Breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a cup of coffee, there is no wrong time. During the day it’s a quiet place to study, read, or relax your feet.
Recommended dish: We literally die for the Barnash Burger that comes with garlic aioli. It’s really one of the freshest, juiciest, tastiest burgers we’ve had.
Judith studied Middle Eastern Politics at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She has worked in the hospitality and culinary industry for 10 years.