Ilanit Chernick

Ilanit Chernick is the Jewish World reporter for The Jerusalem Post. She covers a range of genres including antisemitism, the BDS movement, Jewish events and communities abroad, Holocaust and Jewish history-related stories, Labour antisemitism, South Africa-Israel affairs, Southern African Jewry, the Israel-Gaza conflict in southern Israel, as well as features on a variety of topics both in Israel and abroad.

Chernick was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. She earned a BA in English and History as well as a post-graduate degree in Journalism and Media Studies at Wits University. She was the conflict, crime and environmental affairs reporter for South Africa's largest newspaper, The Star, for three years prior to making aliya in July 2017.

Chernick has interviewed several well-known figures both in Israel and abroad, including Col. (res.) Richard Kemp, Jerusalem and Environmental Affairs Minister Zeev Elkin, Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, comedian Rachel Creeger, Rabbi Ken Spiro, rapper Nissim Black, Nazi Hunter Efraim Zuroff and Prince Harry, to name a few. @LanC_02

High profile hate speech case heard in South Africa’s Constitutional Court

Pope Francis holds weekly general audience at the Vatican, May 15, 2019.

Argentina’s Sephardi chief rabbi meets with Pope Francis in Vatican City


Moroccan Authorities demolish Holocaust memorial near Marrakesh


Walls of Connecticut synagogue defaced with antisemitic graffiti

Did UK Consulate members chauffeur ‘Breaking the Silence’ tour guide?

Breaking the Silence won’t admit what it was doing in UK consulate’s car


UK’s Jewish Labour Movement exposes antisemitic attacks on social media


Moroccan Jewry in Israel set to commemorate 60 years of aliya


The Christian family advocating for Israel across the U.S.


Holocaust survivors, families celebrate Jewish soul music at Yad Vashem

A view of Yeshiva University

38 sexual abuse victims to sue Yeshiva University

The Rainbow installation commemorating members of the LGBTQ+ community murdered during the Holocaust

North Africa’s first-ever Holocaust memorial is in the works


Terror assessment report warns of attack risk at planned Holocaust memorial

Dani Rotstein and the Majorca Jewish community celebrate Hanukah in December 2018.

Reviving Jewish life on the paradise island of Majorca


Polish-language Canadian newspaper publishing antisemitic content

Gusti Yehoshua-Braverman, chairwoman of the World Zionist Organization’s Department for Diaspora Aff

U.S. Jewry feel betrayed by Netanyahu following Omar, Tlaib debacle


Nazi persecution of North African Jews to be included in 12th Grade exams


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