Myself I would like to see real discussions where Al Jazeera would put honest speakers on their broadcasts presenting the current resolution disagreement. At this moment I am listening to Richard Spencer the coiner of the term Alt-Right speak on Al Jazeera. The commentator does seem to be engaging with the racist. Al Jazeera was even involved closely with broadcasting the turmoil between whites and blacks in the south. The large sprawling network should look for more reputable people to be on their shows which have many followers of the current turmoil in Israel.

Radical media is spreading on the web including in Canada and the USA. Now I like listening to different types of broadcast though I believe in freedom of speech should be reasonable in opinion. Freedom of speech to me doesn’t include HATE speeches. Richard Spencer may have a following though we shouldn’t encourage it to grow.

I would be open to sending honest articles to Al Jazeera if they would accept views from the other side of the coin. They have followers in Canada USA and Europe where Antisemitism is growing including in educational facilities. Myself I don’t support populist movements where one day 7 million people show up in the streets protesting numerous issues.

The Arab spring started as a populist movement which was encouraged by the last president of the USA. The results are dismal for global peace prospects despite overthrowing unpopular dictators. Education should include integrity such as not allowing Anti-Semitic or racist material to be distributed to children as what UNESCO has allowed to fall into the hands of Palestinian children. It wouldn’t go over too well in Canada if Anti-Semitic or racist material was being distributed by teachers.

Bruce Springsteen an artist I enjoy mentioned the revolution which makes me feel authorities haven’t been aware of the current populist movement. It has been seen since the defeat of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. This growing global movement inspired by linking movements such as the BDS movement including the other side which was seen in Brexit which was a more conservative movement.

Currently we have popular artists protesting the Alberta Oil Sands which is essential to the Canadian economy. If the Oil Sands came back higher taxes such as the Carbon Tax or new Alberta Taxes wouldn’t be noticed by anyone as an issue. We have our current Socialist Premier discussing Pipelines and Oil as though she was Conservative siding with Canadian interests. We may never see things such as the Leap Manifesto ever discussed again by the NDP here in Canada.

Conservative politics are growing as another movement worldwide though it is seen in Europe and the USA as anti-immigrant. Pro democratic movements sometimes just wish to return jobs to native born citizens. I like immigration because I like other cultures though it has grown to irrational proportions in European countries like Germany which are influenced more by the UN than Canada is.

Donald Trump did win the election over the Democratic leader despite it being close. The Electoral College supported the results despite the new President’s apparent disregard to what he felt the result would be. There is more knowledge of the new President available to American citizens than what is seen mostly on the internet as on YouTube. For one thing Donald Trump challenged people wearing KKK shirts. Another thing is Donald Trump spoke out against the Alt-Right which I see was acknowledged by Richard Spencer. Now to see the full terrorism speech with Donald Trump at his best mentioning the LGBTQ community in regards to the Pulse nightclub attack. He is committed to peace through acknowledging terror with the intent on not just challenging the disease but extinguishing it through reliable partnerships.

Watching Donald Trump is exciting for me as it was for me to watch what Barack Obama did with the economy from here in Canada. It seemed as though Obama was good for many Americans of different cultures despite his antipathy for Israel. When Trump comes forward with how he will acknowledge African American’s he will become more popular I feel with American’s of all descriptions. The war on terror will most likely have stronger titles and increased intensity.

Trump is going to make the pipelines Canadians need into a possibility which will bring us our economy back. The partnership between the USA and Canada will continue to flourish which it has for many presidential terms. One thing going in the favor of the current government is the PM’s support of Israel just as the previous PM gave his all to.

For those that feel the President is on a dangerous path please look to history where African American’s have prevailed after Peace Marches rather than riots. Please don’t cave into populist movements such as what happened with the Arab Spring. We don’t need upheaval when change is asked for do we? Donald Trump does look confident to me rather than what I heard described in media as narcissistic.

Leadership is required because terror isn’t on the decline, but on the increase with no signs of slipping. I feel Trump is accurate on many things which I can see though there are other topics I feel I am not qualified to bring forward an opinion on. I liked him when I read two of his books which the first one I read was called the Art of the Deal which I thought of a lot until I read another one of his books which the title slips my mind at the moment. He does come to his post with much ability despite media and celebrities challenging him on integrity.

Mostly I will offer prayer and support from being non-judgmental to those that protest at rallies or marches. I am for peace though war has been going on for so long I don’t feel marching will bring a utopian peace for anyone. Decisions need to be made, and pain can be handled outside of our nations by terrorists themselves not the innocent in hospitals on the Syrian Judean border.


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