In All Honesty...

Breaking news (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Breaking news
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
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To be perfectly honest, I just don't believe that the security forces have any proof that the Jewish suspects that have been tortured and are still being tortured to extract confessions are guilty of burning that house in Duma. And I will not believe it until and unless I see real proof. I'm disgusted that so many people including rabbissupport Shabak and take for granted that the boys are guilty.

There is one very simple test that can prove it. Check handwriting, including spray-painting and see if  any of them write in such a distinctive way. Today at the Shabbat women's class I've been participating in every week (for the past 34 years,) if they know of any young Jewish men who have handwriting like this or of any school that trains the students to form letters like this-click.
Total silence greeted my question. Our group consists mostly of grandmothers and even a great-grandmother. We all know how boys of that generation write. So, why do the Shabak keep torturing the boys instead of simply checking their handwriting, especially with spraypoint which is much more difficult to control?