I am the Egyptian who gave birth to the very first civilization to mankind.

I am the Egyptian who invented the very first way of communication by writing on my walls then I invented papers to write on them instead of walls.

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I am the Egyptian who invented agriculture and fed the world.

I am the Egyptian who built wonders that the world still amazed by its greatness till this very moment.

I am the Egyptian who created and owns one third of the world's treasures.

I am the Egyptian who got invaded almost by all nations for thousands of years but they never succeeded to imprinted on me their language or erasing my identity even when they burnt my libraries.

I am the Egyptian who saved Europe and humanity by facing the mighty ruthless armies of the Mongols, sending them back to their Mongolia for good.

I am the Egyptian that God mentioned by name in all of his Holy books and sent most of his profits to my lands.

I am the Egyptian who fought countless wars but also the first to make peace in the middle east with Israel ending years of bloodshed.

I am the Egyptian who took down a ruthless government in less than a day on the 28th of January 2011.

I am The Egyptian who did a revolution that changed the world we are living.

I am Ahmed Meligy the Egyptian peace activist and I am here to stay.

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