Back in May I predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidency in my article bluntly titled, "Donald Trump will be our next president." In all honesty, I didn't have full confidence in my prediction but based on some numbers, I saw a path. I mentioned in that article that Wisconsin and Michigan would be in play. That the left had so abandoned working class Americans, whites in particular that they wouldn't know what hit them. When Pennsylvania was called for president-elect Trump, at that moment I realized the movement was so much bigger than I could've ever imagined. The media will play on this non factor that Clinton won the popular vote. However, she won the popular vote by a few hundred thousand votes. They say over a million now. Ny and California gave her plus 5 million alone. So really, who won the popular vote? That doesn't matter for a very good reason.

   Populated urban areas will never have the right to dictate terms to the rest of the country. And if you look at the election map, the counties Clinton had won were mainly where large cities were within their boundaries or surrounded said city. Trump won everything else, from medium sized cities to straight rural by plus 90 percent for the latter. Before the election the media wanted you to believe the Republican Party was in disarray, a moment away from utter irrelevancy. Not only were they wrong but the reverse ended up happening on November the 8th. Republicans now control 31 state legislatures and governorships. The democrats control 6. The other 13 have divided government. 31 states have full republican control, compared to just 6 for the democrats. Under Obama, or since the beginning of his presidency the democrats have lost over 800 seats. The largest such effect a president has had on his party for almost a hundred years. 

    Donald Trump was given a mandate, plain and simple. The republicans control the house, senate, presidency and will soon have its five justice majority back in the Supreme Court. That means the people gave all three branches of government to republicans. In other words, my question to the mainstream media is. How is that not a clear mandate. They want to make this into such a big fuss that the house would put up a vote to abolish. This is laughable as they go into every single election with a 120 plus electoral advantage. California, Ny, their usually reliable Pennsylvania the plurality of the northeast. This was an historic defeat and repudiation of big government, open borders, trade deals benefiting everyone other than Americans. The left just didn't understand. 

They claimed for most Donald Trump would destroy the Republican Party. The opposite occurred, the democrats have been relegated to a minor party with very little say in the federal government and the majority of states. The media learned nothing from Brexit. If you lose your impartiality, if you start advocating for a certain position or candidate, you are no longer s journalist. The media is polling at its lowest ever when it comes to trust in what they say according to the American people. Yet, they alone thought they could sway the election. It was a bombardment like I haven't seen or heard since Dresden during WW2. Every single day, hour, minute their was a new article from supposedly reputable papers such as the Washington post, and New York Times about the apocalypse that would come if Donald Trump won the presidency. They went as far as saying, that if you vote third party you are a racist. This is the mainstream media we are talking about, this is where people supposedly get their news. And they lost the entire rust belt from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. 

   The American people just gave the Republican Party a chance to prove they are more than a party of empty promises. Donald Trump is a deal maker, so if legislation is having trouble getting through congress, know that it wasn't Trump who was intransigent, it was congress. They have a chance to prove that their policies help all Americans, not just the top few percent. Unfortunately the democrats don't want to admit it, but their economic policies have only two classes. The rich, and everyone else. Take San Fransisco for example. I lived their for about six months, it's a city anyone with a few brain cells would run away from. Feet sticking out of makeshift tents outside million dollar apartments with needles all over the place and people visibly shooting up heaven knows what. That is what the people voted against, and if the democrats don't take a good look in the mirror, 2018 could destroy their party altogether.


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