Somewhere down the block, republicans and democrats are bickering with one another. Quietly, subtly the president issues executive order number whatever. This will remain the policy until the Supreme Court deems it constitutional or not. But what is there to decide, only congress has the authority to create policy. Wait a minute, didn't the founders assert some power for the federal branch? Lincoln abused the powers of the presidency and no body would ever argue with his decision to do so. Yet we may never get another Lincoln, and we certainly cannot afford this King-like power given to man or woman. 

  The problem becomes, that executive orders were meant for dire times. Only when congress wouldn't have time to respond. For instance, Japan bombing Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. The president declared war without Congress's approval(he would've gotten it anyway) of course after Japan and Germany declared war on us. Or most importantly the emancipation proclamation to let the south know the war will end with the salves being freed I believe we could be in agreement that this was an issue that needed to be dealt with immediately and without delay. Obviously congress doesn't act that way, it wasn't created to. No body would argue with these actions. However, a president unilaterally bypassing congress to make changes to his own law is not what something that power was meant for. 

   Either way, the founders didn't envision the president using the executive powers to set immigration policies when ones were in place. It's congresses job to make those changes, not the president unilaterally. Im sorry liberals, his 2012 dream act was no where near as important as Lincoln letting the south know, through the emancipation proclamation that the civil war will end with the saves freed. I don't believe the founders envisioned the presidency to have the power with a pen to kill people abroad, to allow millions of unvented illegal immigrants to stay within the borders of the United States of America.

   The question remains, is it more needed than not. What if there is another issue that needs immediate remedy. You and I both know congress logistically cannot act on time or with appropriate response. Executive orders are not clearly addressed, and the lack of clear language allows the loopholes needed for the president to act more like an emperor than the protector of our institutions. It needs to be clear where this power of executive order begin and ends. 

   President Obama has issued thousands of regulations on small business by executive order. These actions deserve to be debated, the people's government should decide how far regulations on business's should go, not the president. However, with each passing day the power of the presidency grows, as he uses our money to campaign for his preferred candidate. Whether republican or democrat, this issue needs to be addressed. The media spends their time finding porn stars to claim the republican nominee offered her money for sex, but fails to mention anything taking place in Washington right now. Ask yourself, what is Washington actually doing right now? What issues are they addressing other than who the next president will be.  Why is the president using Air Force one to campaign instead of doing his job? The problem again becomes, the power of this position has become so great that a year perhaps two years prior to picking one, the issue will cloud over everything else. 

  The checks our founders put in place have no serious clout, they have failed to reign in a president set on a personal agenda no matter the cost. Again, the problem is that the only way the powers of the president would ever be put up for debate, would have to come from the president himself. It would be as graceful as Washington riding off, having just finished his second term, with the people begging and pleading for him to stay. In that very moment, he told the people that they never needed a king, that they could rule themselves. It would be as brave as it would be bold, for a president in modern times to admit that his powers have become king-like, and should be debated by congress for how to put in new checks on the federal branch of government.  


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