NYC has slammin' food for Passover this year


 Wondering which restaurants will be open for Passover in NYC?  Check it out.  The eats will be awesome.


A few years ago I was living in LA and nine months pregnant on erev Pesach. It had been a hard year with bedrest and hospital stays and as Passover was arriving I was in tears because I just couldn’t pull it together in time. We decided that we would just close up the kitchen and eat out during chol ha moed. What we didn’t realize is that there were NO kosher restaurants in LA which were open over Passover. During chag we ended up relying on yogurt, salad and cold cuts for the week and it was pretty miserable.

I am happy to be back in Israel, where I know that not only will there be great restaurants to eat in all week, but even erev hag when my house is all clean- I can go out for some pre-pesach food. It is now our tradition to head over to Café Hillel and get sandwiches etc. once our house is ready.

That said, I was delighted to get an email from my friend Effie Nagar at Talia’s Steakhouse in NYC because not only is he open for Pesach but he is even open on hag (and if it is not too late for them to cater your Seder if you are in a pinch). I have no idea what is going on with the restaurants in LA (but you can check via the link I give you below) but if Talia''s is open for Pesach than everyone there is guaranteed a great meal with delicious food- and if you eat in the restaurant, great ambiance.  If you go while in New York say “Hi” from me.

There are some other great restaurants open for Pesach in the NY area and here is a list from “Yeah that’s Kosher”  (this is the master list for pretty much every restaurant open for Passover anywhere in the world outside of Israel) When you want to find a great kosher place to eat, they are a fantastic go-to resource. 

Hag kasher v''sameah