Revisiting the concept....

of the HOTTIE in the white shirt. He''s ALL WRONG for me! I don''t even think he''s a JEW! And yet....and yet.....He''s SO HOT, and he LOVES ME. Of this there can be no denying.

He has loved me from "DAY ONE." It would be infinitely easier, were I not running into him every Muntek and Donerschtik (yiddish for Monday and Thursday), but I am! And after all... HE IS SO HOT!

So what should I do?I can...

A) Ignore him
B) Pretend that it''s not an issue... OR...
C) Let him KISS me again!

I am leaning ''heavily'' toward option C - but there will be consequences. I quite certain of it!

Still and all, he is ridiculously HOT!

Stay tuned, and keep your wits about you...

One of us has to!

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