Dear President Obama,


Bibi doesn’t speak for me.


I don’t blame you for not having a strong personal relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. God knows if I were in your position I wouldn't either. He’s kind of an ass. But I’m writing to you today to ask you for a favor. Next time you find yourself stuck staring into his face, think of me, of the millions of Israelis who appreciate, with all our hearts, your thoughtful, strategic, non-bombastic approach to our region. And the criticism that true friends provide one another.


Our leadership has not been gracious or thankful enough to you for your contributions to our survival. As a soldier, I personally felt it this summer with the Iron dome. I owe you my life.


And the fact that Bibi has made Israel a partisan issue in the US should be enough for him not to be re-elected. He has been rude and arrogant to you since you stepped into the White House and for that I am sorry.


We’re not going to enact a real long term solution for the Middle East without the partnership and support of The United States of America — and, specifically, leaders like you who knows that diplomacy and strategy are the first, best options whenever possible.


I pray that the election today leads us to a smarter, humbler and braver government (oh, as you know, those last two go together more truly than many others know), one willing to compromise for the sake of a better world.


Sharing your hope for a better future,



Hallel Silverman

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