There are over 4000 start-ups in the Greater Tel Aviv area and Israel was ranked first in the world for innovative capacity in 2014. Some Israeli start-ups are already household names, but most are not. Here's a list of companies to watch in 2015!

1. Mapme
Cofounded by Ben Lang, Mapme is a self-service platform for creating crowdsourced, community maps. The site's diverse maps include a global map of 3D printing companies and services, Israel start-up map and a map of start-ups in Porto.

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2. Webydo
Webydo is a Tel Aviv based company that has developed a cloud-based web design platform allowing designers to create beautiful websites without having to write any code.
"We believe the web is turning into a creative medium and therefore the future belongs to the creative. At Webydo, we want to encourage a rich human experience online, spearheaded by talented web designers and visionaries," said Shmulik Grizim, Webydo's co-founder and CEO.

3. Xprt
Xprt wants to be a go-to solution for all computer technical support and shopping advice needs. The company connects customers through a live chat, with qualified experts at the other end and help them consequently quickly find what they are looking for. The company was founded by Ariel Rosenthal who - shockingly - started out as a programmer and Uri Katz.

4. Tomigo
Through its platorm, Tomigo helps employers find candidates by sourcing their own employees. Tomigo is a social recruiting platform designed to utilize the power of social media. Founded in 2011 by two brothers Tal and Nimrod Moran , the company wants to help companies discover new talent among their own employees’ social network connections.

5. Yallo
Yallo promises to reinvent the phone call with its app. The free app allows customer to easily record, search and replay calls, reach people even when they are on another call, tag calls, own multiple numbers.

“Before Yallo, the phone call was a vestige of the past, failing to keep up with the way we communicate today: in groups; with messaging that lets us get someone’s attention even when they’re busy; with precision; with fun and personalization. Yallo makes all that possible. It is turning the phone call into a platform for entertainment, personalization, organization, storage, and a tool for radical efficiency," said Yosi Taguri, Yallo's CTO.

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