"No Jew should be forced to leave Europe, says head of European Parliament" (January 26) but sadly, this comes at least a decade too late. 

I made aliyah 25 years ago from the Netherlands. However, I did not escape Europe but rather as a Zionist Jew I chose for Israel. Yet, 15 years ago, was my last visit because I found that I could no longer safely walk many streets of Amsterdam. I asked my friend and their most senior rabbi how for Heaven's sake he walks around there. He said: I don't - I have a car. Then I asked: What do you do on Shabbat? He said: Then I run. I told my best gentile friends in the Low Countries that this was unacceptable and they did nothing. Why do they not die of shame when Jews are unsafe? Well, they love me as a person but they don't care about me as a Jew. It's heartbreaking.
No one can keep Europe safe for the Jews for the simple reason that it stopped being secure long ago. When will they cut the pretense and start addressing the problem - first of all their autochthon Jew hatred of centuries? When that's finally dealt with, Muslim extremism will no longer have a foothold there either, I believe.
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