Gov. Nikki Haly comments in front of the Senate “United Nations like most government agencies, the United Nations could benefit from a fresh set of eyes will take it outsiders look at the institution. Nowhere has the UN's failure been more consistent and more outrageous than it is that it's bias against our close ally Israel.

She questions the funding of the U.N., and this is what the United States needs to do, and it works. In 1989 the Palestine Liberation Organization tried to join the World Health Organization as a member state. Jim Baker said publicly if any organization in the U.N. system upgrades the status of the PLO the United States will cut off all contributions to the U.N. The status of the PLO granted entry and Congress put that in the law. The Obama administration when they tried to overcome the law when the Palestinian Authority sought to join UNESCO. Congress made certain if the Palestinian Authority if it were recognized the US would be non contributor to UNESCO. 

Gov. Haley stated the U.N. when you make anti-Israeli threat the U.N. should be careful how U.N. handles more anti-Israel resolutions like the one that Obama let be adopted by the Security Council. In Congress, there is a debate whether the U.S. ought to pay us it's mandatory contributions to the UN which are  22% of the budget of most UN agencies and 25% more peacekeeping which is the biggest element in the budget.  It is a  tax on the United States that they set the budget and the U.S. pays the 22%. Trump wants contributions on a voluntary basis.  A fundamental principle is the U.S. should pay only for what they want and should insist that what they get what we pay for. It will have a profound impact on UN and the UN strongest supporters.

So thank you Nikki Haley and President Trump for restoring the best Partnership in U.S. history.


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