Propaganda of fascism and terrorism as well as intolerance towards other peoples and nations have been recently observed in some countries. Recently, UN General Assembly adopted a resolution entitled  "Combating neo-Nazism and its other forms, which serve to promote and glorify fascism, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance". I want to point out that, unfortunately, this resolution was adopted too late, it should have been adopted several years ago.

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  The Jewish people suffered from fascism, terrorism and anti-Semitism the most. The position of Israel on this resolution is unambiguous and unshakable, and serves  to the benefit of all mankind since the results of the propaganda of fascism in Germany are still fresh in the memory of our fathers and grandfathers. The Holocaust is a terrible and unbearable word for the Jewish people. It is pain, suffering, humiliation,  insult,  brutality,  barbarity, mass destruction of the Jewish people by the brutal and frantic fascist regime. We do not interfere in the sovereign rights of peoples to interpret their history, historical past and perpetuate the memory of their national heroes. But we must not remain silent when people who were involved in the monstrous crimes of the Holocaust are made national heroes. And now, when Nazism perked up in Armenia, then in Ukraine, or somewhere else, the Israelis cannot and must not keep silent. Propaganda of  terrorism and fascism must be stopped swiftly since it used to spread faster than fire, and then it may be too late. 

  The resolution was welcomed by Azerbaijan too since multiculturalism and tolerance are preserved at the state level here. Tolerance and multiculturalism of the Azerbaijani people has allowed them to find a common language with representatives of different nationalities and faiths for centuries. As the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said, Azerbaijan is an island of peace, stability, cooperation and mutual understanding between peoples and faiths. In today's brutal world, when nationalism, xenophobia and chauvinism as well as anti-Semitism rage in many countries of Europe and Arab countries,  there have never been such facts in Azerbaijan since all national minorities and the Jewish community have always been an integral part of Azerbaijani society .

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It is a well-known fact that Azerbaijan’s oil made a crucial contribution to the victory in the Second World War. The Azerbaijani people also made a great contribution to the victory over fascism and suffered many casualties. Azerbaijan became a shelter for numerous refugees and internally displaced persons in this war, most of whom were Jews, including members of my family, who were saved thanks to humanity and tolerance of the Azerbaijani people.
  However the situation was not the same in all countries - you may take a look at other states, where the picture is completely different. For example, in Armenia, a neighboring state in the South Caucasus, the situation is quite the opposite. To be fair, Armenia also votes for the above-mentioned resolution, but in order to create an impression. At the same time, the ideology of fascism, racial discrimination and Armenian Nazis, which closely collaborated with fascist Germany, are being promoted at the state level. Monuments are erected to Armenian fascists, streets, squares, educational institutions, strategic centers are being named to honor them.  The glorification of fascism, anti-Semitism and terrorism has become an integral part of the state policy in this South Caucasus country. Anti-Semitism rages in Armenia along with anti-Azerbaijanism.

     Political scientist Moshe Becker pointed out that "in 1998, the Armenian political scientist, Professor Igor Muradyan published an article in the newspaper ‘Voice of Armenia’, in which he openly promoted the Nazi ideology. According to Muradyan, it turns out that the Jewish-Armenian confrontation is a conflict between the Semites and the Aryans. Accusing Jews of the so-called "genocide" of Armenians, he tries to prove that the people and the state of Israel stand behind the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Four years later, the book "National System" by Romen Yepiskopian was published in Yerevan. It was issued by the official association of Armenian writers. In this "scientific work" the author not only accuses the Jews of all the evils of Armenians, but at the same time denies the most terrible page of the Jewish people – the Holocaust, calling it "Jewish invention to defame the Aryans".  As usual there is a substitution of concepts.

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   Accusing the Jews of all misfortunes, Armenia simultaneously pursues a policy of glorification of Nazi Germany general Garagen Nzhdeh, Drastamat Kanayan (known by the nickname "Dro"), terrorist Monte Melkonyan and other “national heroes", perpetuates their memory and names. The chauvinistic Armenian national ideology with a racist bias, designed by Garegin Nzhdeh, is the main ideology of the Republican Party of Armenia and the government of Armenia headed by Serzh Sargsyan at the present stage. In May 2016, Sargsyan took part in the inauguration of a monument to the fascist Nzhdeh in Yerevan. The most terrible and outrageous fact is that the fascist ideology under the name "Nzhdehism” is included in the program of educational institutions in Armenia, and the younger generation is being brought up on these "values".
   How should we react to the monument to the accomplice of the Nazis, fascist and anti-Semite Garegin Nzhdeh in Yerevan? Can a country glorify a fascist criminal accused of a crime against humanity? The perpetuation of the memory of the Armenian fascist and anti-Semite General Garegin Nzhdeh is a shame that violates the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. For me, a man whose grandfather lost all members of his family who were killed by the fascists in Ukraine, this is an unbearable pain. That's why for me it's a personal tragedy.

   This can be called a time bomb because  young people who grew up on such an ideology will continue the tasks of fascism and terrorism in the future. The Armenian government financed the publication of a book entitled "Garegin Nzhdeh and His Teaching" and production of a multi-million dollars budget film about Nzhdeh. Armenia is spending the US and Russia’s financial aid to promote fascism and terrorism. This state policy of Armenia is an example of extreme disrespect for millions of people who died in the struggle against fascism in Second World War, their relatives and veterans, especially citizens of the former USSR, who have exceptional merits in the victory over fascism. Did the Armenians have no other heroes than the Nazis Nzhdeh and Dro?

  The policy of glorification of terrorism is being carried out at the state level in Armenia along with fascism. If you take a close look at terrorism, you can see that there are very few differences between glorification, intolerance and extremist ideology.
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   As the political scientist Moshe Becker correctly said: "Created in 1975, the Armenian secret army of liberation of Armenia – ASALA – became  a worthy follower of the ideas of anti-Semitism and anti-Turkism. Its goal is "liberation" of traditional Armenian lands, payment of reparations by the Turkish government and public recognition by the Turkish government of the so-called "genocide" of 1915. In 1980, Akop Akopyan (Abu Jihad), who was born in Iraq, became the head of ASALA. Akopyan took an active part in the murder of Israel ‘s Olympic team members in 1972 in Munich. The logic of nationalism has led the Armenian chauvinists into the ranks of an international terrorist alliance condemned by the world community."

  In his recent statement, spokesman for the  Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Hikmat Hajiyev mentioned interesting facts: " ASALA terrorist Varuzhan Garabedian, who committed a terrorist act at Orly airport in France in 1983, was mysteriously released from a prison in France in 2000 and then awarded in Armenia. Varuzhan Garabedian is currently one of the criminal supporters of the Armenian military dictatorship regime.

  Another example given by the spokesman concerns Murad Topalyan, one of the leaders of the Armenian National Committee of America. Hikmat Hajiyev said: "Having close ties with the political leadership of the United States, Topalyan organized and managed terrorist acts in the United States through ASALA. After his terrorist acts were proven, this person was given a minimum sentence and is now acting again as one of the leaders of the Armenian National Committee of America, maintains close contacts with the political circles of the United States, carries out lobbying activities, conducts anti-Azerbaijani propaganda. Unfortunately, Murad Topalyan, like his other supporters, is in the same row of "national heroes" of Armenia." Is this not a signal to stop a terrorist who has made his way to the US political circles? Or America is waiting for him to organize new terrorist acts there?
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Recently, American journalist, political observer Peter Tase wrote: "Armenia has unleashed terror against its neighbor, Azerbaijan. As a result, the Azerbaijani people had to go through losses and misfortunes." He expressed regret that such leading world centers of power as the EU and the US keep silent in response to the terror committed by Armenia against the peaceful Azerbaijani population. "I call on the world community to react to the actions of the fascist regime of Serzh Sargsyan. Through the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenians deliver drugs to the world market. The West is also suffering from this. Armenians caused serious damage to Azerbaijan’s ethnic culture and nature. Armenia is a threat to Europe and the world," Peter Tase said.

  Russian author Olga Sukhova also touched upon this problem and expressed indignation of Russian city Armavir’s residents regarding the installation of acommemorative plaque to the Armenian leader Nzhdeh, who cooperated with the Nazis. “Every year the city activists demand to remove the Nzhdeh board plaque.” 
   Historian Sergei Novikov writes: "The plaque commemorating this man is propaganda of national socialism." The author asks: “How can it be so? They set a plaque to an Armenian leader, who cooperated with Nazis, next to memorial plaques to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War."

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In 1941, Nzhdeh took Germany's side and joined the "Armenian National Council" set up in Berlin in 1942 and called upon his fellow countrymen to fight against the Soviet Union. Nzhdeh was sentenced to 25 years for cooperation with the fascists. But the Armenian fascist leader did not come out of prison and died of a serious illness in 1955. And 57 years later a memorial plaque to this man was installed in Armavir in the territory of an Armenian church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,” the author writes.
  “A year later, the names of other persons implicated in the March 1918 genocide in Azerbaijan by Major General of the Czar Army Andranik Ozanyan and Amazasp Babazhanyan, who exterminated more than 3,000 Jews and many Azerbaijanis, appeared on the memorial.

   The results of Armenian nationalists` activities to advocate fascism and terrorism led to the fact that in recent years, especially in many countries of the world, Armenia and Armenian nationalists are associated with terrorism and fascism.
    Russian television channel Zvezda, which is the official organ of the Russian Defense Ministry, broadcast
ed story in which official Yerevan was accused of heroizing accomplices of the fascists. However, even this does not stop the President of Armenia and his team, they continue to popularize terrorists and fascists. And this is a challenge to the whole world.
   After Nzhdeh, Drastaman Kanayan and others, President Sargsyan and his team decided to popularize another international terrorist. Recently the Armenian President took part in the official opening ceremony of a military and sports school named after the "national hero" of Armenia Monte Melkonyan.
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   I would like to shed light on the personality of this national "hero" of Armenia, whose name has been given to schools and streets. Melkonyan was a world-famous terrorist who was a member of the terrorist organization of ASALA. Melkonyan carried out acts of terrorism not only in Azerbaijan, but also in such countries of Europe as Italy and Greece. In November 1985, Melkonyan was arrested in Paris and sentenced to 6 years in prison for illegal possession of weapons and forgery of documents. Unexpectedly in 1989, he was released and deported to South Yemen. In 1991, the terrorist arrived in Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh  region, where he took an active part in the massacres of the elderly, women and children of ethnic Azerbaijanis. In June 1993, the bloodthirsty Armenian terrorist was eliminated by Azerbaijani servicemen during military operations.
   The world community should think of whom this military and sport school will produce. The answer I obvious. It will produce potential saboteurs and terrorists not only for the Nagorno-Karabakh, but also for all countries which are densely populated by Armenians. These terrorists will deal with the states and persons disliked by the Armenian nationalists. Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan gradually realizes the ideas of Dashnaktsutyun terrorist party and such "heroes" as Nzhdeh, Dro and Melkonyan, who turned Armenia into a mono-ethnic state, which was one of the main goals of fascism.
  All this gives grounds to argue that Armenia is a country that supports terrorism at the state level. And if the world community continues to remain silent on propaganda of fascism and terrorism in Armenia, tomorrow no one will be surprised if a monument to Hitler appears in the center of Yerevan next to a monument to Nzhdeh.

Arye Gut
Political Analyst  

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